Halo Infinite

released on Nov 15, 2021

The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise. When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the massive scale of the Halo ring.

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Its actually worse than Halo 5. Horrible campaign that left no impression and lack luster multiplayer

Good core gameplay, dreadful F2P model.

This review contains spoilers

Beat campaign on Legendary.
Plot sucked: Master Chief wakes up a year or somethign after the big cliffhanger ending from Halo 5 was already decided, and drops onto a Halo ring where the humans already lost a war. The entire game is played on this premise of post-lost-war cleanup and Master Chief conveniently waking up just as the enemy are trying to activate the Halo again or something.
Gameplay is what you expect, but being older and understanding game design a bit better, not good. In particular, they don't make the game difficult in the "right" ways in my opinion. For example, having "jump scares" where you are suddenly rushed by sword elites or melee brutes just encourages you to die, know when they show up, and play differently upon reloading the checkpoint. There was no realistic way to "know" ahead of time that would happen. You are trained by memorization/cheesing, not actually developing a general skill for the game. Another example of bullshit-I-guess-this-is-difficult-but-not--in-a-fun-way is near the end of the game when they have a penchant for spawning sprinting brutes with gravity hammers + jackal snipers at the same time, in areas with minimal cover. You have no counterplay: you run you get sniped in the back. You stand and fight, you cannot kill a literal sprinting 1HKO brute before he does (another bullshit move) leap strike. The "counterplay" involved lots of dying and reloading RNG until the brutes, by chance, would NOT do their leap strike, or the jackals, by chance, would miss. Of course, I expect Legendary to be difficult, but there are better ways of making a game difficult in my opinion. For example, removing auto-aim would be a fair way of making the campaign harder (people would complain that builds bad muscle memory for multiplayer which is fair).
Music is a very good mix of nostalgia and new sounds. But it's hard to give this much weight.

so i played this game at launch and wasnt too huge on its story, and thought that it was kind of a letdown.
one whole series playthrough of halo later with friends finished with playing infinite coop, and this game honestly rules. it's not the perfect game at all, but this sandbox is just so much fun to play with friends in. legitimately one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year.
mp: i think forge is phenomenal and i am very excited to see how mp looks in a year or so, because atm its still very barebones but with a fantastic core. hoping 343 just adds tons of community maps into matchmaking.

woof...theres...a lot to this game?
i've played this game both legendary, normal and multiplayer. i have yet to touch forge.
TLTR: its a good game about master chief, his lil ai friend and his boyfriend on the brink of mental illness
Difficulty, Traversal and Gameplay
Playing through the normal difficulty, I can genuinely say it's the best way to play through the campaign. It's a perfect blend that complaints the landscape. i think what makes halo works does work here - its a smaller open world asking you to help anyone you see and kill any enemy you come across. it actually made me replay the first game in the series. However, Legendary has the worst balancing issues I've seen in a Halo game. Through legendary, you can see how assey ass the gun play is (shock weapons are essentially useless) and one hit with anything will get you killed in an instant. For your first playthrough, just do normal.
There's not much I can say honestly. I did like the story, it's basic Halo and space opera story you can see anywhere. I like the new characters, especially the Weapon. I think she's funny! She's just a lil guy!
Halo Multiplayer is really a shadow of its former self. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not anything special to comment on, I just like shooting man. Though one thing I REALLY love about this game's seasons passes is that they give you the opportunity to purchase the past season passes and work your way through them. It's unfortunate that they made it that you have to pay, but it's a good idea! I do hope more games (ie Fortnite or Fallout 76) do this option in the future.
You can tell by my score, I really liked this game! I do think 343 finally found their footing somehow, it's not perfect but after the disaster that was Halo 5, I'm glad they had some sort of landing with this one

I came back to it just for forge.