He Fucked the Girl Out of Me

He Fucked the Girl Out of Me

released on May 21, 2022

He Fucked the Girl Out of Me

released on May 21, 2022

He Fucked The Girl Out Of Me is a semi-autobiographical narrative visual novel about trauma and sex work made for the GameBoy. The author explains how sex work impacted her life and changed her perception of the world. The game takes approximately 40 minutes to play from start to finish.

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THe kind of game you can't rate. Like bag of milk inside a bag of milk, it's a deeply personal story about mental illness, and it's brutal. This is an important game, as trans women who do sex work often have it tough. It takes an hour, it's important, you should play it

Una historia muy fuerte. Es de esas experiencias que es mejor tener de primera mano. Muy interesante, y aplaudo que esto exista.

Not everyone has the same trauma or reacts to it similarly but that doesn't make their emotions any less valid. In some ways it even ends up resonating with people and becomes mirrors for their past or current self.

This is one of those games that need to be more experienced than verbally discussed in order to get a feel for it but this was definitely something I need in my life right now and it's hard not the detach myself with the vulnerability Taylor was willing to put out with this work. Trauma looping is an endless cycle and no matter how long it takes, sometimes the losses you face are what you need to accept yourself and move forward.

"I wanted to be clean again."

incredibly moving and absolutely unrateable work. more of an art piece with minor interactive elements than a game but that doesn't mean that this isn't something everyone should experience at some point, this is one of the most upsettingly real things i have ever seen

In this game I think I came across one of the most interesting and powerful ways to portray trauma through a personal and autobiographical lens using video game language.
There is something so overwhelming and deeply moving about finding one's agency intertwined with a personal story that I think is impossible to replicate in other mediums, and this game I think makes masterful work of it.
It's a sharp, difficult and painful story told with great courage, sincerity and insight, and I think it's really something precious.
One thing that particularly struck me is that this game was supported with funds dedicated specifically to work that deals with queer themes: I always feel really admired by how video games are becoming a safe space for transgender people and other marginalized categories because it makes me think about how important it is today to use interactivity to bring forward issues of identity, and I think it's very healthy and important to be able to have these complex experiences of engaging with other subjectivities.

A very real story but one I very much recommend when you're feeling up to it. Make sure you read the trigger warnings, know what you're getting into