HeadBangers: Rhythm Royale

released on Oct 31, 2023

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is a rhythm-based battle royale game where players (pigeons?) compete in mini-games to become the master headbanger.

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I'm not really giving this game a score because how good this game is entirely depends on whether or not it's around in 3 months. I know I'm not the only one who was very interested by the concept but stayed away because they assumed that the game would be dead on arrival and have no players. The few matches I've played have all had bots and the future doesn't look too bright for this game despite it being pretty solid. It's a fun time but I don't really want to invest time into clearing the battle pass when I absolutely get the vibes that this game is not surviving 2024.

I have negative rhythm but it’s still a decently fun experience with friends.

Imagine Mario Parties rhythm games but worse. Now apply all the low quality assets from Fall Guy and a crappy cosmetic shop.
Now you have Headbangers.
Not only does this game have no couch co op it also has no players. From the games I played almost all the were full of bots, which isn't ideal specifically for a battle royal.

Esta bien, ideal para 3 tipos de personas:
- Gente que piensa que fall guys ya no es lo suficientemente casual para ellos
- Pajeros del osu que quiere destrozar a la gente
- Gente que se lo quiere pasar bien jugando 4 partidas y poco mas
Por lo demas, es sencillito, la musica esta bien, las pruebas tienen buena curva de dificultad y hay disfraces graciosos para las palomas

it’s a cute idea with a lot of variety in minigames, most of which i suck at. also it is extremely charming in its theming and animations. my big drawback is jesus you need a strong internet connection to make this work. you can turn on latency as high as you want but latency actively puts you at a disadvantage in some games, making particularly the 1v1 games a wifi battle