Heave Ho

released on Aug 29, 2019

Heave Ho tasks up to four players with a simple goal – don’t fall to your death! Players will use their own two hands and the outstretched grip of their friends to grapple across each level on their way to victory. Grab one another’s hands, climb across dangling bodies, and swing your pals to safety in a wobbly, dangly mass of limbs. Customize your character with all manner of stylish accessories and zany accouterment in a vain attempt to remember who you are and which of your hands is the only thing between you and the plummet of doom.

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I've played this a LOT since being introduced to it in 2021. At parties, at conventions, heck even at my wedding reception. This is one of the purest local multiplayer experiences you can have: Simple mechanics, clear goal, and a wacky atmosphere to experience it all in. It brings out a lot of laughs and high energy in people whenever I've seen it played, and I think that's something any multiplayer game should strive for.

pretty good fight starter if you’re lookin to rumble

I can't comment on single-player, but playing this 4-player couch co-op was an absolute blast. Perfectly strikes the balance between requiring teamwork and encouraging silly goofing around.

The vibes on this game are impeccable and I love flinging these little beans across the map

Heave Ho (2019): Enfocado como un juego Single Player, tiene unas patas muy cortas que impiden progresar a partir de cierto punto, y como Party Game pide demasiada precisión en sus saltos. Es divertido, y durante un par de mundos funciona, pero su corta mecha le impide más (6,90)