released on Jan 19, 2015

HuniePop is a 2015 adult dating sim/match-3 puzzle game published and developed by HuniePot. Funding for the game was raised via Kickstarter. It is available in two versions, one censored and one uncensored, although the censored one can easily be patched. The game follows a player (can be male/female) trying to woo a variety of women by going on dates with them, giving them gifts and talking to them.

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It's bejeweled but with chicks.

3 в ряд фор хорни пипл (ВСЕМ ПРИВЕТ С ВАМИ ГАГАТУН)

I LOVED the candy crush part of it. I would argue that it's the best candy crush inspired game I played, if not for the cringy "dating simulator" part. And I adore romance. But still it's clear for me that I was not the target audience lmao

Clearing my Backlog #3
It’s just a decently fun puzzle game, I would imagine it has all the tropes of dating sims (as I’ve never played one before), including the very standard voice acting, basic-albeit-memorable characters, and a fun/light soundtrack. The gameplay loop is addicting, but can get a bit annoying sometimes, as it doesn’t really offer much in terms of variety; with the same goal of going on a date, and then searching the store for items that you can add to your collection — which is painfully dull when you’re just missing a few. It feels outdated in almost every way, even for 2015 standards.

There’s also the fact that it throws some casual racism in there too, so there’s that!
Time Played: 37.5 hours

cringe but free (it's a braindead puzzle game with women and a censored version of course i was going to play it)

i will not sit here and pretend i played this because i was horny