Impostor Factory

released on Sep 30, 2021

A bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller featuring multiple casualties and a suspicious cat, from the creator of To the Moon.

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It's a bit of a wild journey going from To The Moon to the opening sequence of this game. It starts in a very unexpected way, but I like where this game goes narratively a lot. This series seems to be leaning more into its philosophical themes and science fiction genre more as each game releases. Not the part that made me first love this series, but I'm glad they aren't rehashing the same emotional journey every game.

As the third installment in the To the Moon series (which I feel needs a better name), this continues the hallmarks of earnest characters and dialogue, moving music, and making you cry. While this is pitched as a departure for a more surreal and comedic tone, those tear-jerkers are still present. However, I spent the latter half of this game wondering what exactly this game was trying to say that the other two games had not already explored. By the time the credits had rolled, I still had nothing other than the memory of themes the previous two games tackled better.

Pretty cool edition to the series.
Liked how it was a lot more different then the previous 2 main games, and there were some pretty good emotional moments still, overall think I like it more then FP, but less then TTM

Cara o jogo me deu uma decepcionada forte, tava esperando uma continuação do Finding Paradise, mas não foi isso que recebi. Além do jogo ser lento pra caramba, mesmo tendo os mesmos requisitos que os dois jogos anteriores.
A gameplay não existe, é só andar e ler texto, cadê os puzzles e procurar os fragmentos de memória? Spoiler você ganha os fragmentos só andando, não tem exploração.
E sobre a lentidão, estava jogando via steam e no save do jogo dizia que joguei por 58 minutos, mesmo estando no ato dois, já na steam estava 2 horas, que isso o jogo é o mago do tempo do yu gi oh?
Talvez mais pra frente eu dê uma segunda chance para esse jogo.

Uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado. Mejor que To the Moon o Finding Paradise. He estado embobado desde el minuto 1, y la historia me parece de las más emotivas.