Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

released on Jan 02, 1994

Join Rif the Fox and his companions Okk and Eeah on the adventure of your life! Inherit the Earth will transport you to a world of beauty and intrigue... Earth! The Orb of Storms has been stolen and Rif is accused. You have only days to help Rif get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing Orb. Your journey takes you to the Wild Lands, through hostile territories and ultimately to the ancient ruins of the legendary Humans.

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As far as point and click adventure games go, ItE is one of the best. It has no moon logic in it at all so all the puzzles feel satisfying to solve. There's a whole subplot around getting a plaster cast of a pawprint to identify the species of a suspected thief and all of the steps involved actually make sense. Very refreshing.

Also this game is responsible for the reason why my avatar is the way it is. So uh...

From one point-and-click adventure game to another one, here is a game that I had no idea existed, but it was in my library for quite sometime and I wanted to go through my older games, but I was so glad I got this.

Another DOS point-and-click game where you need to mix items and use them to solve puzzles in the general and typical way. Can't think of much else to say really.

A game for furries everywhere! The world was once inhabited by humans, but they left many years ago, but not because having made the animals around them sentient and intelligent.

All the animals are split up into their own clans and the story starts with how your character and his fiancé are foxes and because the ancient orb of storms, an item used for predicting the weather, gets stolen, they are instantly set up to blame. You plead your innocence and that you could find this item and bring it back, being so good at puzzles. However, the Boar clan decide to keep your fiancé as insurance just in case you attempt to escape from here. You are accompanied by both a boar and deer as both of their tribes distrust one another and are sent to keep tabs on both you and each other, but are really fun characters too.

The game is full of humour as solutions to puzzles, one liners and character development. As a taste:
Getting past a receptionist/guard the boar and elk do an Abbot & Costello "Who's on First?" routine where one's name is What? and the other is "Yes Sir I am" leading to a endless logic loop.

When you come across this gate with big metal knockers on it your character goes "Wow, look at those knockers!"

When entering a clearing you see a lion showering, you say "Hi, excuse me." and she screams before running behind the fountain, leaving you to say "Was it something I said?"

The game is well worth taking a look at if you enjoy point-click adventure games!

The only negative I can say about this game is that it ends on a cliff-hanger, though there are still people working on potentially making a sequel in the future, which I would love to be a part of by streaming it! Wyrmkeep Entertainment

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Kinda annoying to play (at least without a walkthrough which I ended up using), but it's very pretty, has nice music and an unexpected combination of genres that amazed me (science fiction post-apocalyptic furry high fantasy world?!). Wish there was more to this. The whole last part is terribly rushed (but has the biggest amount of science fiction post-apocalyptic stuff which is the best part!!)

I remember Inherit the Earth being well-received way back when. Far from an instant classic it still had the hype of a solid also-ran, worth a second look from SCUMM-engine aficionados. But for whatever reason, I didn't play it then. Despite my affinity for point-and-click adventures.

The crisp 2D graphics and world-building set it up for a slam dunk. Set in a fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, you follow a fox, elk, and boar out on an adventure-filled quest; find the magic McGuffin, clear Rif's name (ie. the fox). Along the way, you'll find remnants of the long-gone mythical civilization of the humans, possibly some clues to the disappearance as well. COOL! Sign me up.

Unfortunately, Inherit the Earth kind of falls apart soon after. It's really short, ending with an anti-climactic thud and the puzzle-solving is virtually non-existent. It's a string of dialog prompts to work your way through, and a couple of items to find.

I guess you could say that about most adventure games. But seeing as the game has the bare minimum of items and objects to interact with, it robs you of any sense of accomplishment. Found a key? Nice. Try using it on the only keyhole in the whole damned game. Have to get past an angry swarm of bees? Yeah, maybe just smoke them out by lighting the dry twigs on fire that are DIRECTLY UNDER THE HIVE.

What's even worse is its penchant for tedious mazes. During its short runtime, you'll have to trek through 4 of them. Jesus Christ, FOUR. Do you think that's maybe enough? More if you count the confusing and mazelike isometric villages you'll visit.

Sure, games like The Secret of Monkey Island or Legend of Kyrandia also leaned on mazes. But at least those games had the decency to feature some kind of problem-solving to help you navigate the mazes. Inherit the Earth opts for monotonous hallways leading to the ONE item you need, and then out again. Fun times!