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The inital release of this game dissappointed many fans as they reduced the traits from 5 to 3. This I think was rectrified later, however, it's obvious where EA were going with this as items were missing from the previous game and sold back to everyone in packs.

Currently all of the packs together combined cost, currently, £1,099.24. I thought it was bad enough with the previous games with the amount of extra content being offered, but like I said, much of the stuff that was standard was removed from this game and to make up for it, you have to pay.

The backlash clearly caused quite a commotion as the game is now currently free for download, but missing so many functions I'm not certain you could call it a actual game anymore and just a removed portion.

What the game does give you is a lot of fun though, along with the ability to become a mad scientist and take over the world! Of course, it's all in good fun!

Something else I quite liked was not only do you have the stock families, but you have the ability to upload your own fun family to the system for others to enjoy too or just make your neighbourhoods feel a little more like it's filled with real people by having their own made characters! However, if you don't have the DLC on those characters you can't bring them into the game world, which sucks.

The game allows for the addition of mods too which you can use to enhance the game and attempt to make up for the massive gap of content created by having so much of this game gutted, It's still good for what it is, but I just hate the corporate BS that's going on here to try and swindle money out of everyone.

This one I remember blew the mind of my ex as her old PC couldn't play more modern games (for the time) but my laptop could! So they build upon the previous game, however, at this point in history EA were starting to get greedier and the amount of additions were dizzying!

The options for traits to make your character unique were always a major selling point and that was still true with this game, just not the next one coming up. However, the idea that you could fulfil all kinds of aspirations and become your ideal self!

The many hours I spent in this game cannot be measured and I believe this was during the time they were forcing you to use EA's "Origin" platform which, as of typing this review, has simply been called EA because they probably realised too many people took offense of the company wearing the flayed skin of one of their kills (Origin Systems), as a bit too tasteless.

I think I bought this with the special Plum bulb thumb drive, however, no idea where that is today! Could be anywhere. Regardless, lots more memories and customisation that was pushing the boundaries and improving the game greatly.

I did just look over it and remembered the disgusting "Simpoints" where you pay real currency for this "Freemium" kind of cash to purchase all kinds of items to unlock for your game. The existence of this system certainly soured my taste for this game and my experience of it too.

I remember this being quite the improvement over the last game, having much of the packs from the first game intergrated, added with new things, jobs and also a system where it creates a child based on the looks and traits of the patents making the fantasy even more fun with the choices that can be done in the game!

I'm probably remembering wrong, but I don't remember there being as many DLC add-ons as the first since quite a few were built in already. Not to mention the addition of Aliens was pretty hilarious too, keeping the humour of the game intact with what may happen to your sims.