Isle of Arrows

released on Sep 08, 2022

Build an impenetrable fortress, tile by tile. Place buildings, build roads, and expand your isle to defend against waves of invaders in this roguelike fusion of tower defense and board game.

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The perfect example of an amazing mobile/portable game.
Deep enough to suck hours of time but easy enough to pick up and play at a moments notice that you want to.

It's good, it's pretty fun. Well suited for mobile gaming, OK for somewhat lower effort desktop tower defense gaming. Very pleasant aesthetics and atmosphere, less dense and deep than Rogue Tower but still offers a lot of interesting gameplay. Less chaotic and noisy than Rogue Tower of Bloons TD entries. Could use some work, and in the worst case it may be a game that's limited by it's own systems simplicity, but after my first few sessions I've found myself wandering back to it on occasion when I want a tower defense itch to be scratched, but don't want nearly the commitment or investment of alternatives.

Isle of Arrows is a near perfect mobile game and the best $6 I've ever spent on the Play store.
- One handed vertical
- No ads, no mtx
- No in game currency or bonuses or powerups
- No daily or weekly check ins
- Campaign with a beginning and end
- Can pick up and play for 1 minute or an hour
- Great art, simple but wildly fun tower defense
- Dozen of permutations to gameplay during the campaign so it never gets repetitive
Do yourself a favor and grab this. Might be my favorite mobile game ever and I wouldn't uninstall it with a gun to my head.