Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

released on Dec 11, 1997
by Namco

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a side-scrolling platform game viewed from a "2.5D" perspective. The player moves the protagonist, Klonoa, along a path in a two-dimensional fashion, but the game is rendered in three dimensions. This allows the path followed to curve and for the player to interact with objects outside of the path.

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Second GOTM finished for August 2022. What a great game! Story was a little nonsensical, but the music was good and the gameplay was phenomenal. The 2.5D graphics were great, and lent themselves to some great gameplay moments and level design. Characters were cute and fun. Really felt like I was getting better and better with the movement and platforming as the game went on, which led to some really satisfying moments. Had a blast with this one!

This review contains spoilers

The game really does live up to what people say about it. If you can play the game blind. It's usually a good experience with every game but for this one it's especially the case. But it's definitely one of the better 2d platformers I've played and well worth your time if you're into platformers of any kind. The ending sets up the possibility for an entire franchise perfectly and I'm really hoping that now after Phantasy Reverie Series we can finally have a proper franchise for Klonoa. And as for the ending the game sets up an excellent facade while making sure it makes sense and isn't a tonal shift. Please play if you can, it's nice and quick and well worth your while

so many people on here have this and Klonoa 2 in their top 5 that I was too curious. I had played this when I was younger and liked it a whole lot, but perfect top 5 game?

Yeah actually. Turns out the consensus on things can be totally correct!

Klonoa is a smart, fun, creative and clever platformer that has genuine poignancy and themes that resonate in ways most other platformers don't bother to do, or modern ones that overdo it to the point of seeming disingenious.

Klonoa is the real fucking deal. It's borderline perfect, a must play for platformer fans but it will spoil you on the genre, because when one doesn't have the same passion Klonoa does you'll just come back to replay it again.

if dreams were a video game, this would be it....

HARD as balls tho, was not expecting klonoa of all things to give me a real challenge.