LEGO Racers

released on Jul 31, 1999

Lego Racers is set in the fictional Legoland universe, the game depicts Rocket Racer, the "greatest racing champion" in Legoland. After becoming bored from beating everyone at racing, he decides to create a racing contest, and finds the best racers in the history of Legoland using a dimensional warp machine created by his friend, Veronica Voltage, a genius scientist and mechanic. The player takes on the hosts and co-racers in an attempt to beat Rocket Racer and become the "Greatest Lego Racer of All Time".

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Another kart racer that I nearly forgot existed. It has some cool ideas, but again just doesn't match the big names on the system.

To this day, I will claim that LEGO Racers was my idea whenever it comes up. It was 1997, Mario Kart 64 had just come out and I was obsessed with LEGO. So I conceptualized a LEGO racing game. I drew the karts, the characters, everything. Back in the day, you could call the Nintendo Power Hotline and talk to a person for like tips, or just any random nonsense. So what did I do? I called them. I called them and spoke to a Nintendo Power Hotline agent for like 20 minutes about my game idea. Bless that woman for entertaining the ravings of a 7-year-old. 2 years later, LEGO Racers comes out. Coincidence??? Yeah probably but whatever. This game was my idea.

I was in love with this game when I was young, every time I went home from school to have lunch I played it even if it was only for half an hour, as I had to return to school on the afternoon. Being able to customise my own kart and racer and play with it was WILD to me! The item system was also super original and a lot of fun, with different block colours indicating different types of power-up (red=attack, blue=defense, yellow=backwards trap and green=speed boost), and white tiles used to level up each item to get a more powerful or longer lasting effect. The track design was also amazing, even though they were very short there was at least one shortcut in every single racetrack (except for one), and the shortcuts were different from each other too! Some were in plain sight, others well hidden, some required a red attack item to open the entrance, others a blue defensive item and one of them even required going through a series of gates to enter a colour coded code and open a door! The only issue would be that there's only 13 tracks, so the game ends up being very short, but that was not an impediment for me to spend hours and hours playing it!

I remember my mum came to pick me up from nursery and when she showed me she bought me a copy of Lego racers I was so happy I hugged her really tight and that is one of my most cherished memories from my childhood. Game fun.

the AI is good enough to feel interesting without feeling cruel. tier 3 boost is still op. Otherwise an adorable racing game that really goes all the way with its theming.