Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

released on Feb 13, 2024

Your Kingdom’s fate relies on you… you… and you. Rewind time to create clones of your past-selves, and fight with an army of your own. Become legion and triumph over hordes of monsters to rescue Antala in this Hack'N'Slash game with a tactical twist.

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This game is the kind that breaks your brain in the most awesome way, with its time-shifting mechanic transforming the way you look at simple actions, in a way I kinda struggle to describe. It has gotten to the point where, after one three-hour session with Lysfanga, I started imagining working together with myself from different timelines when cleaning out my cats' litter box.

Unfortunately there are approximately three gorillion games releasing within two weeks of it, and some I can actually play, and a few look way more interesting. I do hope I won't forget to do a proper review of this one cause it is doing something awesome.

Sorry David Cage!