Mafia III: Definitive Edition

released on May 19, 2020

Mafia III: Definitive Edition includes the main game, all Story DLC (Faster, Baby!, Stones Unturned, Sign of the Times) and Bonus Packs (Family Kick-Back Pack and Judge, Jury & Executioner Weapons Pack) bundled in one place for the first time.

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Definitive Edition

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really solid game just the racket missions are very repetitive

An excellent story with gunplay and driving that feel just right for what they're going for. Only thing I'm really down on is the bases you have to raid and even then I'm more indifferent on them than anything. I also liked the DLCs a whole lot, Sign of the Times being a particular highlight, especially with you unlocking the ability to renovate the bar hideout. Easily my favorite serious open world crime sandbox.

As many others have said, this game has an amazing story but ONLY when it chooses to move it forward at a decent pace. The unnecessary fluff of countless "rackets" completely ruin this game for me. And after 30 hours of playing through the main game and all of the DLC, I ended up hating the game for this very reason and honestly can not really recommend it to anyone.
Heavily hoping for a John Donovan-focused spin off or sequel though. He's one of the best written characters in the franchise

Decent gangster story but I am always a fan 90s us its so intriguing and a world I would like to explore.

After finally playing the game I definitely understand the issues people had with this game. It's ... unnecessarily drawn out. There is so much good stuff in there, both gameplay- and story-wise but most of your playtime is spent doing repetitive open world stuff.
However, I was prepared for that. I kept hearing about it and decided to just take my time with the game and while it definitely dragged the experience down, I just listened to some YT videos on the side and had fun sneaking through enemy territory and conquering the city. The stealth system is actually quite fun and the animations of the executions are brutal and cathartic.
The storyline has a fantastic beginning and while it's mostly pretty tame over the course of the game it still offers some real highlights and character moments. I'm particularly fond of the documentation style they went for to tell the narrative.
The ending I chose also really worked for me and I liked that they gave me this choice.
Would've been a 3/5 if the DLCs weren't bundled with the Definitive Edition because those are a real treat and some of the best content of the game.

This game very easily has the best story and characters of this series but it's bogged down by how mind numbing the gameplay is.
Also I would like to call out that idiot who has a review of this game on this site calling it "woke" because it literally just depicted what the time frame this game takes place in is like.
Bro you're an idiot lmao.