Mega Man 5

released on Dec 04, 1992
by Capcom

In the fifth chapter of the original Mega Man series, the battle is closer to home as Mega Man fights to save the world from further destruction. Gain the advantage by picking up items and successfully defeating bosses to gain their weapons as your own. Get ready for intense action-platforming in 13 stages before taking up battle against Protoman!

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Feels like the megaman with the best controls overall. You might get a few slowdowns on some areas but its very rare compared to 3 and 4. And although the weapons aren't very useful, none of the enemy placements are too akward so you can easily handle the entire game with only your buster. Very solid overall.

Another great game right after 4. A classic. Same great gameplay and music.

Wheels on a shopping cart: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6

Still don't know how an arrow became more travel efficient than a jet dog