Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

released on Dec 22, 2005

An expanded game of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence continues the Metal Gear Solid series tradition of follow-up enhanced, international version releases.
Subsistence's online multiplayer component, titled Metal Gear Online, consists of five tournament-style game modes, each with a capacity of up to eight players. This mode pits players, each playing as a generic soldier against each other in deathmatch battles and variations of capture the flag, using stages, items, maneuvers, and units (such as the KGB, GRU or Ocelot Unit) from the main game.

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Son, you'd better wait to shine
They'll tell you what is yours
But they'll take mine

The subsistence camera turns this game from a 9.5/10 to an 11/10

De forma pessoal, tornou-se (Até o momento) o meu Metal gear favorito, uma gameplay incrível, história que me fez arrepiar do começo ao fim, além das milhares de interações que o jogo te proporciona a experienciar e só faz sua jogatina mais especial.
Devo obviamente dar um disclaimer, pois joguei no modo "easy" como primeira ida ao jogo. Eu internamente me sinto muito intimidado pelo jogo, mas mesmo assim, não senti que o jogo foi completamente fácil, cheguei até a dar game over algumas vezes, mas com toda a certeza, assim que eu tiver a oportunidade, o jogarei novamente em dificuldades elevadas, pois esse sim é m jogo que merece ser rejogado independente da época em que esteja. De forma absoluta, uma grande pérola de sua época.

My personal favorite Metal Gear game, and a game that deserves to be listed on backloggd’s top 20 highest average ratings four separate times. It was probably the point in my Metal Gear marathon where I really started to appreciate the Metal Gear franchise. The game's signature song Snake Eater is amazing and used very effectively throughout the game. The boss fights are all very fun and creative, maybe my favorite lineup of bosses in the franchise outside of Rising. The story is really nice too, it still manages to hit hard while being relatively self-contained and not as insane compared to the likes of MGS2 and especially MGS4. My favorite part of the playthrough was constantly sounding the alarm in the weapons lab for no reason other than to annoy the people watching me play the game in a voice call. There’s no real reason for Snake to ring the alarm, it’s meant for scientists to run over to in case they spot you, but you can do it yourself. It’s hilarious.
I mentioned in an older review that even more people would hail this as one of the best video games ever if it got a rerelease on modern platforms. And guess what? They recently announced not only a collection including the first three Metal Gear Solid titles, but also a full-on remake of Snake Eater is in development. No more excuses. Play this game.