Welcome to MotorStorm, the world's most brutal off-road racing event where the goal is to win at all costs. Choose from seven vehicle types, from high-flying dirt bikes to powerful big rigs, and destroy anything that gets in your way in a no-holds barred sprint to the finish. Try and survive. Real-Time Deforming Terrain: The terrain literally gets torn up with each passing vehicle, causing each lap to be different. Advanced particle effects cause debris and muck to "stick" to each vehicle. Vehicular Combat and Damage: Destroy anything that gets in your way. Smash your opponents and view spectacular Hollywood-style crash sequences. Take the Race Online: Intense head-to-head off-road racing. Challenge the competition over voice chat. AI opponents simulate human traits, like showing off, attacking, taunting, and doing whatever it takes to win.

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Back in the day this was my favorite PS3 game to play on the store demo, and I think it still holds up with the funny physics and death animations. Besides that its just a very fun game

I remember the racing physics being solid, and the destruction of vehicles being quite cinematic. Apart from that, there wasn't really anything to keep this game from running out of gas. Considering it was included with my PS3, it was still a fun time, just lacked engaging systems.

About as racing as a racing game can be. I remember being kind of obsessed with this game as a kid. And to it’s credit, the terrain deformation and slow-mo crashes are pretty entertaining, and furthermore technically impressive for the time. AND THE VEHICLE NAMES. Peak middle school cool. Juvenile me very much approved. No joke there’s a Racing Truck named Voodoo Iguana, and better yet in one of the sequels there’s a motorcycle called Wasabi Katana. I like to imagine they had two darts boards full of random nouns and adjectives in the developer headquarters and whenever they needed a new vehicle name they got to throwing.

Unfortunately that’s where this game peaks. It’s a competent game, but not one that will hold your attention long. I like the format of motorcycles vs buggies vs big rigs vs trucks vs cars, it makes it more of a party racing game than a competitive one, and I even like that you’re restricted in certain races to specific vehicle types, with different routes better suited for for each dirt-kicker. My only technical issue with the game is most small and medium-size vehicles have overly tuned turn rates. Makes it a bit clunky when you’re just getting used to the movement.

That aside, the game feels very repetitive after a while, even adjusting for it being a drivey drivey vroom vroom game. Maybe some powerups or match modifiers would have given me more mileage. It goes without saying the online mode is kapoot, and with only one mode I can’t help but be burnt out before even halfway through this entirely too long game. Nostalgic fondness withstanding, MotorStorm is a second-rate game with third-rate staying power. As far as racing games are concerned, you could do much worse, but you could also do much better. I say keep this one on the shelves of time.

I've not touched this game in almost a decade, and to my surprise, it held up much better than I expected. The vehicle physics are just exaggerated enough to make it feel chaotic, but not alarmingly so. The wide-and-large approach to the track design is quite interesting, especially with the different terrain types and how each of the vehicle types have their own preferred terrains, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the mostly straight forward racing gameplay. Visually the game still looks great, especially with how it presents the sense of high speed, and the usage of slow motion. The soundtrack is pretty good too. I think the game only lacks in the amount of tracks and variety in gameplay types. As it stands, it's a very fun but limited racing game that most people won't finish.

Some great early gaming memories playing this game around 2007/8. The vehicle class variety is great and the graphics for the time are incredible.

I genuinely want to love this game, I really do, but there’s just too much bullshit in that ruins the experience that I can only say that’s it’s average at best