One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

released on Feb 28, 2020

The first ever console game based on ONE PUNCH MAN is coming to PS4, X1, and PC! Get ready to play 3v3 battles as Saitama, Genos, Hellish Blizzard, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider and more in ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS!

Can you take down your foes with a single punch?

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More like a game nobody likes

Who thought that a character that beats every character in one punch AND is invincible wouldn't be fun?

I played this game up to getting Tornado and decided Jump Force was more worth my time.

Jump Force if it actually had some sort of character but even more busted gameplay. Saitama being able to defeat anybody in one punch just like the show is a cute novelty on paper but in practice he's still hideously broken despite the attempt to balance him by having him join the fight late. Even outside of that, some characters are very clearly more powerful than others, and randomized events that further disrupt the battle are such a bizarre inclusion. The RPG elements don't do a whole lot to keep the base gameplay loop from getting stale quickly, you'd have to be a diehard OPM fan to find any enjoyment out of this.

Oh my god this game is beyond terrible, how did they fuck up so bad. You get to make your own hero and witness the events of season 1, but out of all the characters there’s like 3 unique styles between them, it's not fun at all to play.

And yet, this horrendously over priced game with terrible mechanics and not fun to play at all, gets people who genuinely like it. Don't get it.