Onion Assault

Onion Assault

released on Jan 26, 2023

Onion Assault

released on Jan 26, 2023

The evil Croquetto Empire is trying to conquer Onionia and it's up to one brave onion farmer, and his mom, to stop the tyrannical invading fascist army!

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The guy who made Gunman Clive made a new Gunman Clive except instead of guns you’re a European farmer (and his mom) throwing onions Super Mario Bros. 2-style at onion fascists.

Deeply flawed but I still had fun. Bertil’s trademark quirkiness is here in full display, and most of the design is solid even if some of the levels/checkpoints are a bit cruel and a certain haunted forest level is a mess. But like the Gunman Clives, you beat it in a couple hours and go “ah, that was cute.”

platforming is slippery and imprecise, run and grab should be different buttons, but a cute lil game

fun little game. My second favourite of the games from this creator behind mechstermination force. I found the live system a bit odd as would incentivize suicide runs to get back to full lives to start a level. Bosses were fun and fair. short and sweet

It's hard to describe Onion Assault, it doesn't really do anything wrong but it also lacks a spark to make it interesting.

Some stages work better than others, the railcart level with cannons is very fun but then there is also a swaying tree one that has this weird inertia with your movement. I also feel some parts can be frustrating, especially with a lives system that in modern games feel very unnecessary.

If you are looking for a short burst of "Super Mario Bros. 2"-like gameplay, you can probably enjoy Onion Assault, just don't expect anything that will blow your mind.

A great homage to the gameplay style of Super Mario Bros. 2 without the obsession with verticality that game seemed to have. Stunning colorful graphics that blends the feel of a throwback project with the finesse of modern design. The gameplay is polished with just the right amount of difficulty where death is inevitable but you never feel like the goal is impossible. Would I have preferred a bit more checkpoints and respawning in the area right before the cliff I fell off of with 1 (one) less heart rather than instant death? Yes but I'm a baby who wants (and deserves, mind you) the world. Overall a really great game from a studio that puts out quality work time and time again.

edit: forgot to mention, lives are a dated concept and unnecessary in any form for modern gaming