Pac-Man 256 is a 2015 Android and iOS video game in the Pac-Man series. It is inspired by the glitched 256th level of Pac-Man. In the game, the player must continuously navigate an endless maze while avoiding ghosts and using power-ups and power pellets to combat them. Fruits grant a temporary multiplier, and as Pac-Man eats dots, it is up to the player to try to top their high score.

This game was co-developed by Hipster Whale, the creators of the hit Crossy Road video game, also on Android & iOS and 3 Sprockets, the creators of the Cubemen series on Android & iOS.

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A really well put together reinvention of Pac Man which fashions it into a fast paced endless runner. The simple gameplay of navigating a deadly maze works really well on a phone with simple swipes being all you need to dodge and weave around ghosts with a nice variety of challenging patterns. You also get a lot of fun unlockable power ups that mix up the basic gameplay and give you powerful tools to play with. Trying to get as far as you can in the maze is just a great way to waste time.

A fun casual game, but also super repetitive. There's no way you'll unlock everything, it would take way too long.

i play this on my i pone, was cool, cool

infinite pacman but the scary glitch is creeping up on you

Favorite Pac-game since Pac-land & Pac-man World 3.

Jogado no Pac-Man Museum+. É uma ideia legal, mas não foi algo que me pegou. Provavelmente se tivesse mais variedade de personalização e estivesse no mobile, teria jogado mais.