released on Nov 29, 2018

Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks.

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Probably the best RCT1 and 2 successor out there. It has everything the original games were known for, but adds tons of QoL changes, a complex building customization system, and countless rides, while also having an interesting management side.

Graphics are really cool, with vibrant colors and soft shapes, and the soundtrack is relaxing, perfect for long building sessions!

Abandoned after 11 hours.
Not bad as a sandbox but there are better roller coaster/theme park sand boxes out there, and the campaign is just overly easy and tedious.

Really solid theme park simulator. Great way to burn 8 hours in a single night if not careful!

I love this game, and eventually I'll get my ass to finish the campaign (about halfway through now). This game got me to do what RCT never could, and that's give a damn about what the theme park actually looks like outside of just building dope ass rollercoasters. I think it's probably for that reason that after deep diving for a few weeks, I always have to give myself a several month break, because making a park both functional and aesthetically pleasing is a lot more work than just min-maxing the scenarios.