Pokémon Gold Version

released on Nov 21, 1999

Pokémon Gold, along with Pokémon Silver, are the sequels to Pokémon Red and Blue. They offer 100 new Pokémon to capture and train, 8 more Gyms to take on and a new Pokémon League challenge. Featuring an expanded post-game, Pokémon Gold and Silver additionally offer extra content from the previous entries in the series.

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Outside of nostalgia, this game has aged like milk

How the fuck were they ALREADY pandering to gen 1 fans this was only the second generation of games???

Azalea Town theme smells like childhood.

Despite being playable on the same system as Red, Blue and Yellow; The second generation of Pokémon games improves the buggy, slow issues of the first. Making it almost seem like this game was on superior hardware. Everything is far smoother. The battle mechanics, the type balance, everything has been polished to run smoother with so many added quality of life improvements. This game also has way more side quests and more interesting ways to complete the Pokedex. Filling out the Dex is actually really fair and fun. A balance you really don't see too often even in the newest installments of this franchise. Headbutting trees, the Bug Contest, friendship evolutions and the many secret 1% Pokemon makes this Dex more difficult, but more rewarding to fill out than gen one - Even if it means some of these 'Mons won't make it to your team. For a GameBoy game, Gold/Silver pushes the hardware to provide a really rewarding experience. This game isn't without it's various flaws, however. The level up curve is nonexistent. Some 'Mons match your leveling, some will be way under and other's will be 10+ levels higher even if you battled every trainer on every route up to that point. Meaning at points this game will be incredibly easy than in the next section you'll feel like your team is useless. The Kanto region is so easy and so flavorless for the most part. Also, with the lack of route trainers the game has and the very little amount of money they give you, you will be struggling to buy Pokeballs and healing items. I had basically no money left at the Johto Elite Four and struggled to scrounge up money to buy healing items. Getting through Lance's THREE DRAGONITES took me a whole of luck and planning. There is also a severe lack of usable Pokémon at the start and middle of this game. Meaning, you could end up with a rather weak team if you didn't research which Pokémon are worth adding to your line up. I also don't like the day/night cycle and how that can affect which Pokémon are open to you. The lack of evolution stones and the fact they are exclusive to the post game makes your choices even that much slimmer. It's got many issues, but manages to be a really solid attempt to perfect Pokémon early in it's life. Lot of the issues I mentioned I can't really fault on the devs because the hardware this was made for is incredibly shallow and the fact they managed to fit 16 gyms and 2 regions on a GameBoy cart makes this a miracle. It's a really fun early Pokémon game that pretty much does everything Red/Blue/Yellow does, but a 1000x better.

Meu primeiro contato com Johto e curti pra caramba cara. Ampharos lindo. Falkner pegou 2 pidgey e se acha gym leader. 3 DRAGONITES LANCE???