Ranger X

released on Jun 27, 1993

Engage in airborne combat with jump-jets and weapons of incredible power or link up with your cyber cycle for high speed ground attacks. Each step inches you closer to your goal and the fight of your life. You are Ranger X... A mysterious lone warrior who has risen from the ashes to return peace and justice to a failed society. Eight post-apocalyptic levels of high-intensity action! Monstrous mechanical bosses await your every move. Use jump-jets to attack by air or transform into the Super Cyber Cycle and roll to victory!

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A damn solid run and gun that stands out in the Genesis library namely for how unique it is. I haven't really seen anything it shares its main mechanic with. I do think that it's really tough to catch your bearings in the first few minutes though, and it put me off from trying this for a while. It's also very difficult and I had to use the easy mode, but that's more so my problem. I don't really have any other complaints. I quite enjoyed this one, would definitely recommend if you have the patience to get used to it.

the visual effect for the proton cannon is so goddamn satisfying that it's an instant 10/10 for that alone

When I was a kid, I couldn't even get past the first level of this! Now that I'm a full grown adult, I got past that first level...and then turned on cheats hahahaha
I loooooove the style of this game--it looks GREAT and controls really great too. I dig it in so many ways! Plus, that opening sequence is wicked cool.
All of that said, I'm just not good enough to get the sort of enjoyment people who are good at games would get out of this. Even on normal I found it frustrating enough to need cheats to get through it without quitting!
Absolutely worth checking out if you like shooting platformers and are ok with pretty tough games

Ranger X is a frenetic hybrid run and gun/shoot 'em up game, in which the player controls a mecha known as the "Ranger X", equipped with a jetpack and controlling vehicles called "Ex-Ups" which Ranger X can merge, much like a Transformers. The game is unique in how it allows the player to fly using its jet-pack to control the entirety of the screen axis, without being limited by a locked screen, a scenario often found in shoot 'em up usually scrolling forward by themselves at a steady rate, limiting movement. The player could alternate between many special weapons which drain their power bar, as well as using Ranger X's standard-issued pulse rifle. The goal is to defeat the invading Rahuna forces, a fully mechanized army invading the X-Ranger's planet.

Absolute monster of a game showcasing the power of the Genesis when pushed to its absolute limit. Ranger X is a fast paced side scrolling shooter with a fairly unique control scheme as you're controlling both a mech and its giant bike at the same time. What really elevates this game is both its sense of scale during the boss fights, open ended level design, and incredible soundtrack.

Incredibly interesting mechanical usage held back by the game itself's boring checkmark stage design and utilization of said mechanics.
The best part was the discovery phase I felt in the first stage trying to get a handle over piloting the mech plus the buddy car and realizing what I can do with it without a manual. Then it immediately pitfalled when I realized that what the game was generally asking of me was to move forward pelting off enemies from afar before a decent boss fight that asked for very little of that depth you could get. Things are far too deliberate for your motion to be super interesting (this ain't no Mr. Gimmick!) and generally things fall into square block->square hole ways of fighting encounters. Wish this game got a sequel so it could go balls to the walls crazy with what it has here but otherwise I found myself nodding off during Stage 3 and I realized very quickly it was just time to put it away. Well aware I might be a minority here, considering the game does do a decent job of making sure you understand every mechanic. I just shot myself in the foot I guess by already figuring out everything I could do within the first 10 minutes.