Reigns: Three Kingdoms

released on Nov 18, 2022

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is inspired by the beloved Chinese epic, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This game will thrust you into the turbulent final years of the Han dynasty. Swipe your way through negotiations, relationships and strategic alliances!

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It's alright I guess. It's poorly optimized (on mobile) and I had to play it muted, but I had fun trying to do the objectives, though it's up to luck most of the time.

I don't know how to feel about trying to archive homeostasis between my stats by making choices I don't agree with. Most of the time you are just trying to survive and hoping the game throws you a bone to progress. When I became emperor I immediately died because my umm... sword stat? was too high.

The best part of the game, for me, was the combat. It was what kept me engaged, even though I only lost once. It has a "deck building" aspect to it; you have 9 slots available and you can get units by making allies through your choices. There's even a multiplayer mode for it, too bad I couldn't find an opponent.

It gets really repetitive really quick, I spent at least a few of my lives trying to figure out what exactly I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t think I’ve nailed the card-game aspect yet, and I can’t really tell if I’m making progress. I really like the idea though, and for the price of the game I’m not upset with the purchase at all.

Bůh-ví-kolikátá variace téhož. Reigns je v jádru chytlavý geniálně jednoduchý a jednoduše geniální koncept. Politická strategie "o nesnesitelné tíži a nevděčnosti vládnutí" skrze kartičkové volby pro "tinder generaci". Jenomže se to už poněkud předřenilo. Jednička, dvojka, Game of Thrones varianta a pár dalších... Všechny v zásadě stejně dobré. A "v zásadě dobrá" je i varianta z legendy o Třech královstvích. Tématicky to na koncept sedne jak "prdel na hrnec", ale to platilo i o předchozích iteracích. Novinkou je soubojový systém, který se tváří sofistikovaně, ale po chvíli nedělá nic jiného než zdržuje. Jinak je vše tak jak znáte a očekáváte. Jestli to je či není dobře je věc jiná. Dost zásadní také je, zda jste jiný titul v sérii hráli či ne. Pokud ano, je to ucházející. Pokud ne, tak je to rázem o třídu až dvě lepší záležitost.

Fun at first, but quickly grew extremely repetitive, even dull. Had a bad habit of bugging out and giving me inappropriate or impossible cards.

There was a relatively small window between when I understood the broader idea of what I was supposed to really be doing, the plateau when i enjoyed it, and when it started to get too samey to carry me to the occasional plot point. Across the multiple deaths with its repetitive questions when learning, it was frustrating to not really get the point of the timelines and the way it delivers a narrative.

When I got it, I enjoyed trying to expand the narrative and hit the quests and so on, but that wanes quickly once you answer the same riddle twenty times and the new interactions are few and far between(relative to everything that's going on).

I also think that in a game about decisions you mostly want to have it feel meaningful, or consistent at least. I did about as well giving thoughtful personal consideration(or as much as a this or that question can generate) as I did randomly swiping left and right, so you have to compromise your actual thoughts to be able to play it. No big deal, but there's not a consistency to it other than to juggle your bars. And the fail scenarios when your bars do go off aren't all very logical, which feels forced. No food, sure, everyone rebels and cannibalizes you. Too... good to your people so they push you in a well? Uh.

So it doesn't really offer me a compelling card game. Nor does it offer me a narrative putting me in a convincing frame of an ancient Chinese emperor(or dude pretending to be one in a sim).

I wonder if any of the others are better but I'm a little saddened that Devolver backed a stinker in an otherwise pristine record(of what I've encountered). Oh well

i tried this out for a while but i really didn't enjoy it at all, it didn't feel enough to keep me going