released on Feb 17, 2016

RYB is a colorful game of logic. It is a logic puzzle game which aims to bend the rules of logic puzzle design. Standardized grids are nowhere to be seen. Instead, each puzzle is a beautiful, symmetrical shape. Each puzzle is designed to set up interesting logical deductions. After a shape is colored, more information may be revealed, which allows the solve path of the puzzles to be tightly constrained. Each shape was designed to be unique and colorful. There’s a reason we call it “A Colorful Game of Logic”!

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Awesome. Maybe just missing like a drawing tool. But you can always take a notebook.

This review contains spoilers

Reminds me of tametsi, except this game "zooms in", focusing on small maps and the complex relationships between individual tiles. It's a solid deduction game, i quite enjoyed going through it. The start felt pretty easy due to my experience with the genre, but then it started to introduce some interesting mechanics that did a great job of giving the game a distinct identity. The puzzles in this game have a high focus on logic related to unions and intersections, once the fusion colors are introduced this gets emphasized quite heavily.

The first half of the game is mostly vertical iteration of mechanics, slowly progressing in complexity. The second half is more of a horizontal iteration, where you go through 3 level sets each dedicated to a different interesting gimmick. I would have liked to play more levels that used the peak color complexity of the first half, yet I'm satisfied with the choice they made in the 2nd half's design. The color fusion mechanic is fun but also pretty intimidating, it's actually kind of nice that the game hits the breaks on that. The mechanics that the latter half explores are pretty neat too.

The minimalist rules teaching works well, this game didn't really have any problems with me learning the wrong lessons or not seeing what an intro level was telling me

All puzzles completed. A clever and enjoyable logic puzzle game, RYB's puzzles present players with a pattern of interlocking shapes and the challenge to assign appropriate colours based on clues from adjacent shapes (e.g., one blue and two yellow circles indicating three neighbours with those colours). These start off very simple but eventually become quite challenging at times, with puzzles grouped into sets that generally each introduce a specific new mechanic, neatly introduced, wordlessly, through some initial examples. RYB gets a recommendation from me as a slow-paced, relaxing and satisfying experience.

Fantastic diegetic puzzle game