Shape History or Be History Select and control decisive moments during decades of royal conflict. Magic, revenge, and assassination will all play a part in determining who will obtain the country and the crown. -Create a unique history with Multi-Scenario System -Influence a variety of characters in an epic saga -Experience hand-painted watercolor artwork -Play Duel, Team, or Strategic battle modes -Choose from various, realistic sword maneuvers during combat -Form hundreds of possible combo attacks -Cast powerful and spectacular magic attacks

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The combat is what holds this one back, but very interesting story and beautiful graphics.


so pretty so so pretty thank you masashi hamauzu for an impeccable ost

SaGa Frontier 2 returned the series to its medieval fantasy roots. The 'Free Scenario' progression of SaGa Frontier was modified to a dual-scenario format, following 2 distinct routes split by chapters. Proceeding from chapter to chapter is fairly open-ended, but the progression within isn't. The combat/dungeon-oriented route of Wil feels all too conventional compared to Gustave's political story-driven route, and the overall more serious change in tone is a mixed blessing. Combat easily remains SaGa's weakest point, and here its signature difficulty and grindiness becomes too much of a burden. At best, their praxis evokes Suikoden, but besides the impressive hand-drawn artstyle, other aspects fail to engage or justify all the monotony.