released on Feb 08, 2022

A third person action game featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, it puts you in control of a young Kung-Fu student on his path of revenge throughout the city.

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I like this game a whole lot - got the platinum in the first week of release, have gone back to it pretty regularly, and I'm having a lot of fun trying to nail all the goals they added with their most recent update. Reminds me of God Hand in the sense that when you're doing everything right and operating on the power of Ultra Instinct it's extremely hard to imagine anything more satisfying. However all of this is ruined because one of the trophies is called "The 36th Chamber of Kung Fu", and is awarded for performing every type of takedown in the game, which to me implies a level of mastery. The 36th Chamber was not for masters, it was for complete laypeople not part of the temple to begin their training. Watch the movie!!

Incredibly addicting and snappy combat mechanics made this game work for me where many dungeon crawler-type games have failed in the past. It is endlessly satisfying to hit a perfect parry into a slurry of rad combos.
It also balances difficulty in a way that gelled with me more than many other "challenging" games. Though it does start to get easier as you progress, any enemy can be a challenge if they catch you off guard. It's hard for me to put finger on exactly why this one worked better for me than, say, FromSoftware games, where I find the difficulty extremely grating.
Get this on PC so you can play with mods that turn you into Neo.

This game has one of the best hitboxes in any video game ever. It's so perfect and accurate. Too good to be true. I think without its perfect hitbox, the game wouldn't work at all. I relished the challenge it presented.

muito dificil fazer o final bom portanto não continuarei jgaodno melhorem essa poarte

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Marked as mastered because I got the true ending at 20 years old. Wasn't very aware of the concepts in the story so I did had to do some reading on Wude and all that. Was insanely fun though, glad I took the time to get good at this game because it was really rewarding.

Once I saw the end game I was like nah....