Silent Hill 2

released on Sep 24, 2001

The second entry in the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill 2 is a narrative-focused third-person psychological horror game with exploration and puzzle-solving elements which follows James Sunderland, a man who receives a letter, seemingly sent by his three-years-deceased wife Mary, in which he is beckoned to the fog-ridden town of Silent Hill at the same time as numerous other people troubled by their past.

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Excelente juego, un poco largo pero es entendible es PS2, una historia muy buena llena de cinemáticas, algunos acertijos son de pensar un poco y anotar pero la mayoría se resuelven rápido, sin duda mucho mejor que el Silent Hill 1

Terminado en el stream [S03 Ep015] que puedes ver aquí

Meu jogo favorito da saga e não tem como dizer que esse jogo é uma obra de arte..

This has to be one of my favorite video games ever. It's a classic survival horror title that I recommend everyone to try out.

Silent Hill 2 is considered one of the greatest horror games ever made and for a good reason, survival horror is not for me but despite that i enjoyed the atmosphere and the story in it, the directors did a fantastic job of bringing it as a whole. The game blends surrealism and symbolism in a clever way to invoke the feelings into the player.