Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance

released on Dec 20, 2001

Sonic Advance

released on Dec 20, 2001

Sonic Advance is notable for being the first Sonic game released on a Nintendo console, despite both Sega and Nintendo being well-known rivals on the console market throught the 1990s. Sonic Advance features four playable characters and marks the first playable appearance of Amy Rose on a 2D title. The game borrows elements from the original Sonic the Hedgehog titles for the Sega Genesis, but with the post-Dreamcast artstyle for the characters which was introduced in Sonic Adventure. The game also includes multiplayer features and mini-games. The title was also ported to the Nokia N-Gage under the title "SonicN".

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eu curti bastante o jogo, bons gráficos e trilha sonora ok.
eu tentei me aventurar no sonic adventure, mas n consegui me acostumar com aquela câmera quebrada e nem com o gameplay.
dai eu fui testar esse aq e foi bem divertido, recomendo

Wanting to take a break from my classic sonic marathon I wondered what else I could play, and instead of playing Doom Eternal DLC I realised, I've never played the advance games. My only experience coming from Ultimate Sonic Flash on the school computers. Why play sonic games in order, that's boring let's mix it up.

So finally acquiring it completely 100% legally on my definitely factory standard 3DS and uhhh, yeah it's about what I expected.

Its definitely much more of a road trip game than anything deep. None of the stages are really memorable and have a bit too much bullshit to try and extend the runtime. Being thrown into bottomless pits, spikes coming out of the group etc.

Being able to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy is pretty nice although idk why you'd play as Sonic and especially Amy when Tails and Knuckles can just bypass half the challenge easily.

I tried doing a play through of all 4 but had to give up halfway through Amy's cause she's just so unfun to play, no spin dash, slow as shit and easily hit.

Special stages suck ass and the soundtrack is fine I guess.

It's definitely not a bad game, but one you would play in the back of the car because you couldn't play one of the main games.

Although the sprite work is gorgeous and obviously inspired lots of fan work over the years. Also introduced grind rails to 2D games, so that's neat.

PT-BR /// English Review

Sonic Avançado - Um dos melhores Sonic's 2Ds já feitos!

Quando mais novo eu sempre quis jogar os Sonic's de GBA, mas nunca tive um GBA, já tinha jogado na época os classicos Sonic's e Mega Drive e até pouco tempo atras achava o Sonic 2 o apice dos jogos classicos de plataforma do ouriço azul. Mas eis que estava errado! Eis que finalmente tive a chance de jogar essa belezura num console retro portatil(RG35XX Plus) e surpreendi com o jogo! Um dos melhores e mais bonitos Sonic's que já joguei, tudo nesse jogo é bem feito, as fases são bonitas, a trilha sonora é muito gostosinha e a gameplay uma delicia, o level designe é muito bem feito dando um show de todo o potencial que o GBA tinha, eu sinceramente amei o visual dessa série de jogos do Sonic e companhia, virou o meu designe favorito deles queria que tivessem continuado com esse estilo mais ''maduro'' e radical por assim dizer. Esse jogo tambem tem aquela que ja virou minha fase favorita da franquia até agora, seja pela beleza ou pela musica que é a Ice Mountain Zone. A unica coisa que eu acho que deixa a desejar nesse jogo são os chefões que eu achei MUITO faceis se comparados aos outros Sonic's. No PUTA jogo de plataforma e já virou meu favorito do ouriço azul(até agora). <3

English review

Sonic Advance - One of the best 2D Sonic games ever made!

When I was younger, I always wanted to play the Sonic games on GBA, but I never had a GBA. Back then, I had already played the classic Sonic games on Mega Drive and, until recently, I thought Sonic 2 was the pinnacle of the classic platform games featuring the blue hedgehog. But I was wrong! Finally, I had the chance to play this beauty on a retro portable console (RG35XX Plus) and wow... I was surprised by the game! One of the best and most beautiful Sonic games I've ever played, everything in this game is well done. The stages are beautiful, the soundtrack is very pleasant, and the gameplay is delightful. The level design is very well done, showcasing all the potential the GBA had. I honestly loved the visual style of this series of Sonic games and company; it became my favorite design of them. I wish they had continued with this more "mature" and radical style, so to speak. This game also has what has now become my favorite stage in the franchise so far, whether for its beauty or its music, which is Ice Mountain Zone. The only thing I think falls short in this game are the bosses, which I found VERY easy compared to other Sonic games. Other than that... a GREAT platform game, and it has already become my favorite of the blue hedgehog (so far).

Bastante bueno XDD
Hasta este punto (por orden de salida), este ha sido el mejor juego de Sonic que he jugado :'v

I really wanna say this is a solid title but it has a lot of shit that i just hated.

For one why is sonic moves so slow?like his movement supposed to be faster than that,sure it still has momentum but it just feels off this is pretty bad esp in ice mountain,which brings me to the zones which for the most part ranges from good to atrocious,same could be said to the bosses as well even though i won't even call them good almost all of them are either unfair or plain easy and boring.

That being said i do think this game manages to found a middle ground between implementing the feel of classic sonic while combined with modern sonic elements,and hey couldn't really go wrong with pleasing aesthetic the visual had and the soundtrack served it's job.

Sonic Advance is not a bad game for sure,however i can see it heavily suffers from the first game syndrome that while served groundwork for future games,as its own entry it lacks a lot of good qualities or identity to stand out by itself.