Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon

released on Sep 28, 2023

An update for Sonic Frontiers

Rewrite your destiny in The Final Horizon Update! Experience a new story, new playable characters, new challenges, and more in Sonic Frontier’s 3rd climactic final Content Update… for Free!

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Me when I'm in an ass kicking contest and my opponent is Sonic Frontiers: Final Horizon: 😮😦😨😰😵💀

ehhhhhhhhhhhhh pretty good least it fixed the final boss battle

damn can't believe all of this was free they pretty much listened to all the feedback and gave us this huge experimental campaign

can't say for other difficulties, but on normal mode the Master King trial was challenging but really fun. Amy, Tails, and Knuckles I also found really fun to play, and while the final boss was confusing, you can't help but adore how cool as hell you feel playing it. Idk why this added story is this hated tbh, I thought it improved Frontiers greatly

A poorly-executed sloppy add-on to Sonic Frontiers carried by a banger OST and a fantastic final fight.

All of the DLC really improved the base game a lot, and the final horizon in particular is very enjoyable and has probably the most memorable sequences in the entire game. While the boss rush near the end is really difficult, I prefer this ending to the base game's ending as it is much more fun and visually entertaining. The other playable characters is also such a massive improvement to the flow of the game. There are still a few wonky controls but otherwise this is a great way to cap off Sonic Frontiers.