Spelunky 2

released on Sep 15, 2020

Spelunky 2 builds upon the unique, randomized challenges that made the original a roguelike classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy players old and new. Meet the next generation of explorers as they find themselves on the Moon, searching for treasure and missing family.

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coop goes like this. Purposely kill all your friends. Realize game is hard and start being for serious just to accidently kill your friends even more.

I honeslty don't know why I bought this game before really checking out some reviews and impressions. I guess the sale was good enough for me. I understand the appeal and maybe I just suck at the game but I think that the controllers/movements aren't as tight as I expected them to be. I reached World 4 3 times before finally giving up. Maybe it is a "get good" situation but overall I didn't have too much fun with this.

El primer Spelunky es uno de los roguelikes mas completos y adictivos que he jugado nunca, pero su secuela, y pese a que se le ven buenas ideas y mejoras a muchisimos de los aspectos donde el primero fallaba, se nota algo falta de frescura y incluso demasiado cargada de ideas y mecanicas que se meten en medio de un paquete casi perfecto en el original.
Aún así, Spelunky2 es un gran roguelike que todo amante del genero deberia probar sin duda alguna.