released on Jul 04, 2012

A remake of Spelunky Classic

Spelunky (also known as Spelunky HD) is a remake of Spelunky (now known as Spelunky Classic), an open source indie platformer video game created by Derek Yu and originally released as freeware for Microsoft Windows. The player controls a spelunker who explores a series of caves while collecting treasure, saving damsels, fighting enemies and dodging traps. The caves are procedurally generated, making each run through the game unique. Spelunky is one of the first examples of a roguelike-like, borrowing concepts from the roguelike genre, and was the influence for many later roguelike-like games.

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Ah, the classic conundrum: kill the shopkeeper to make the run easier, but miss out on all the BOPS in the soundtrack. It's a tough choice for sure.

Играл давно на плойке с друзьями, но ощущения приятные до сих пор есть от неё

A peak rogue-like platformer. Improves and expands upon the ideas brought through with it's predecessor, and creates one of the most rewarding games to master.

used to play all the time with brother, couldn't quite beat the boss and still pissed about it

My first-ever exposure to roguelikes

A bad fake-haiku for you:
Pebble hits blue frog,
blue frog explodes
in a mere instant -
a game over is achieved