SteamWorld Dig

released on Aug 07, 2013

SteamWorld Dig is 2D a platform game that revolves around mining for resources and ores. The objective of the game is to investigate the mines underneath the old Western town Tumbleton in order to unearth the secrets lurking below. The player controls Rusty who is equipped with a pickaxe but the player is given options to upgrade the tools used for digging as progression is made in the game. Besides health, the player also needs coal for light, and water for special abilities.
SteamWorld Dig has platform elements in that the player runs, jumps and encounter foes, but the main objective is mining. That means that the player builds – or rather deconstructs – the game world and creates platforms that way. The player collects resources and other hidden resources which can be brought back to the surface and exchanged for cash. When the player progress in the game new abilities are unlocked. Each playthrough, the mines are randomized, making items and treasure appear in different locations. If the player gets stuck there is a self destruct function, but the players can also buy ladders in the store at the surface to get out of tricky situations.
When progressing deeper down in the cave, the player encounters various enemies with different attack patterns and weak spots. The game features multiple worlds, each with a completely different environment. Dying results in a reparation penalty fee, and the player respawns back on the surface. All the loot that has been accumulated when the player dies can be picked up again.

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ur going down this never-ending hole its just like silent hill omg 💀💀💀💀

Great game that introduced the steam world franchise, was fun digging around in this metroid-vania, powerups and upgrades were satisfying, great time love it *kisses

- Steamworld Dig - 2.5/5 - Unfinished
- Crisp interface / graphics with a charming style that works. Music was great (I love a good western tune). Story was sort of interesting, you’re seeking out your dead uncle’s lost treasure’s after his untimely death or something. I didn’t follow it too closely but the game had good humor.
- Gameplay was fine. You dig, find loot, and do some light platforming. I wasn’t expecting the interesting puzzle challenges that arose from how you chose to dig, so that kept things fresh and asked you to make some smart decisions about your path downward. You get some power ups later that help with all of these tasks, like digging faster or jumping higher.
- No major gripes. Game ran smooth with no bugs!
- Hard to say if I would personally recommend it. I just found myself… bored? I think if you enjoy the first hour, you’ll enjoy the rest of the game because it builds on the core gameplay loop. It’s a very pleasant experience but ultimately didn’t click for me and I dropped it after 2 hours, even though it’s only a ~6 hour game on average for most people.

Steamworld Dig is a fantastic Metroidvania, but it is one that drilled through the foundational pillar of exploration to define itself. You drill your own path to each treasure giving you a small upgrade. Whenever your progress is gated you tunnel your way to a stronger mining tool. But, your greed will catch up. If you mine carelessly it will be a pain to reach the surface or the area you dug down to last time. If you spend carelessly you will have already pillaged the mine of all it can give. Steamworld Dig deserves a lot of respect, not only did it create a fantastic and fun Metroidvania, it did it in a way no other series has. All while it makes the backtracking common in so many Metroidvania's so much more meaningful since it is due to your actions.

A fun, short platforming/resource management adventure that does a good job building suspense. Maybe I'm slow but I wish you had more light to explore with and didn't have to resurface so often, it adds artificial gameplay time. The ending is underwhelmening