Subway Midnight

released on Oct 28, 2021

Board the train! Run away from a weirdo! Solve some puzzles! Make friends with some ghosts! Try not to become a ghost yourself!

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This game is super unique! I like a lot of what this game is going for. I do wish some segments were shortened or cut from the game entirely, but overall still really enjoyed this game!

This game's art is SO GOOD.
I love the concept and story so much, and the spookiness with the cute art style is perfect! The animations are adorable and I actually got scared a lot!
Everything about the game is great.
Except playing it.
This game's puzzles are boring, tedious, and straight up not fun. The gameplay consists of walking forward and sometimes pressing A. Oh? You don't want to get the bad ending? Well you better play the game perfectly and find every single mundane secret that isn't obvious! Or else the game brings you back to the beginning...and you have to do it again.
Seriously feels like they overlooked how tedious this gameplay is. I hope these developers try something new because the art and animation are spectacular. But good lord I have no desire to get the other endings. Sorry :/
Posted January 2, 2022. (Steam Review)

i think i am letting this one go. i really wanted to enjoy this bc i love the aesthetic of it and theres some really cool imagery in game (i love the one still shot of that big Creature almost like its made of clay) but its just not for me im afraid... the gameplay itself is boring and tedious to get through, not helped by the characters slow walking speed, and its a little repetetive and monotonous with not enough substance to keep me engaged. wish i had better feelings about this! just not my thing though methinks

points for the atmosphere + visuals

This review contains spoilers

I've had my eye on this game for a while because it looked interesting and I liked the style a lot. To my surprise, I ended up really really not liking it for a lot of reasons I think. I'll start with the positives. I think the style is really nice, I still believe that thankfully and the visuals are really great at times. I also found myself getting REALLY scared, I think the retro game section has such a creepy atmosphere and it really stuck out to me. But that's really all I can say about the positives. The gameplay is so slow and dying on certain late-game puzzle aspects was really frustrating because it felt like there was no sense of direction. It was just constant trial and error for a game that feels like it shouldn't have it. It got to the point where I had to search up what to do because the game barely provided any sort of hint on where to go; like the black and white area with the evil shadow people chasing you was just annoying more than anything, especially because it's an area where you literally can't see. It was especially frustrating to find out there are multiple endings and the only way to get the actual ending is to slog through the entire slow experience again. It's a game where I can see the potential but it falls flat on its face with aspects that weren't needed. This very much could've just been a game with a straightforward beginning and end, because that's what it felt like it would've been through the initial trailers. It's visual eye candy with a story to follow but nothing compelling enough to convince you to replay and get the best ending. If you don't get the good ending, you're better off just searching it up on youtube instead of spending another 2 hours trying to get it. I'd personally say get it if you're in it for the visuals, but if you're in it for the gameplay and story, just don't bother.

Enjoyable and creepy. Little too much effort to get the best endings, but still very fun.