Super Mario Bros.

released on Sep 13, 1985

A side scrolling 2D platformer and first entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Bros. follows Italian plumber Mario as he treks across many levels of platforming challenges featuring hostile enemies to rescue Princess Peach from the evil king Bowser.

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It's harder to rate this whether you're trying to rate it just based off of influence from this game alone, it's absolutely one of the biggest video games to ever be created for that reason. Or it's gameplay
But for me it's just an alright Mario game now, I pretty much prefer most 2d Mario entries outside of some of the Super Mario Land titles or NSMB 2. It's definitely worth playing at least once though, and for good reason.

um mario vanilla, nada demais mas muito bom pra epoca

The game that started the franchise although the game shows its age i think its still is a enjoyable experience