released on Nov 12, 2019

Falling asleep at 3AM, you close your eyes to the cheesy commercial of Dr. Pierce's dream therapy program. You wake up in an unfamiliar environment, only to realize that you're stuck in a dream - a dream where perception is reality. Welcome to Superliminal.

Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game inspired perspective and optical illusions. Players tackle impossible puzzles by thinking outside the box and learning to expect the unexpected.

This game features a wonderfully subdued world, an intriguingly voiced narrative, and things that are really weird.

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way too short for such a cool and fun idea

First half: funny puzzle game. Second half: brilliant pseudo-philosophical walking simulator. It's way better than Prey in how it makes fun of perception and reality; and some sequences are so good that once more I cannot but think of how Control is tragicomically weak and trite in playing with both.
Spoiling quote:
In a few minutes, you'll be back in the real world, and some part of you will say that none of this was real: So how could it have really meant anything? But - just like the power of perspective itself - it will have been as real as you believed it to be.

Super unique, non-Euclidean geometric gimmick that makes for fantastic puzzles, with a final area that was truly atmospheric and cathartic. I could care less about the doctor’s attempts at being a GLaDOS-esc narrator, the mere beauty of that final bit even excluding the story is a beautiful one. I don’t know what happens in the story, and I don’t really care. The puzzles and atmosphere left me astounded, and this is really a special game. It’s a short one too, so why not give it a shot?

This game will always be a marvel and one of the sigle most frustrating shit in the world!

Glitched out of the map once and thought it was intentional

The Vibes Are On Point
(rest of it's just ok tho)