The Curse of Monkey Island

released on Oct 31, 1997

Select from a variety of buccaneer hairstyles at The Barbery Coast. Enjoy a warm reunion with an old flame. Piracy never looked so good!

Learn a valuable trade in lighthouse and VCR repair. Loot, sack and pillage this quaint Caribbean hamlet. Third in the legendary Monkey Island series of graphic adventures.

Film quality animation, voice, sound and music- the undead come to life before your very eyes! Incredible high-resolution (640 x 480) graphics. A barrel of gameplay- estimated 30-plus hours.

Two difficulty settings: regular and Mega-Monkey (now with much more puzzley goodness)!

New and improved insults suitable for swordfights and other fun occasions!

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Un xogo ao que lle pesa demasiado a traizón estética e a evolución de sistema de xogo que supuxo. O guión é bo, aínda que obvie o final do 2 para despois volver a el dun xeito estrano, e en realidade é divertido e con puzzles ben definidos, difíciles pero lóxicos, moi no nivel estándar de Lucasarts.
O problema para min é o feito de abandoar o sistema de verbos -que é o mellor que tiña Lucasarts- e ir ao point & click. E tamén o de facer un Guybrush que non ten nada que ver co dos anteriores, porque podía ir ao rollo cartoon sen esa traizón.
Como cousa boa, tentar voltar aos insultos, máis ou menos, e o combate naval, algo repetitivo pero agradecíbel. Tamén se agradece o final, aínda que sexa un pouco estrano para unha aventura gráfica.

Although not part of Rob Gilbert's trilogy, I still loved every second of this game because "A Pirates Life I Was Meant To Be."

My family quotes this game all of the time. the dialog is so funny, the plot is golden, and the animation is so amazing love the 2d cartoon style chefs kiss

your fucked in the head if you think this one is good

My fave Monkey Island game, same old hilarious humour and brain meltingly illogical puzzles (if anyone says they beat one of these games without using a guide, I call bullshit). The animation is a step up from the first two games, and suits MI much better than the 3D polygons of part 4 (even though I quite enjoyed that one).

I dont think theres ever been a game series as technologically impressive as monkey island. Listening to the directors commentary in MI2 made me realize how revolutionary something as simple as the music changing without a loading screen really was. The iMUSE system was groundbreaking. And then you look at the visual difference between these two games. One is really simple and has the entire prompt menu and inventory underneath the screen, the graphics are relatively simple and theres no voice acting (without mods). It looks good for its era and still holds up. And then this game is insanely stylized, still looking like it could come out today (minus the low resolution) with full voice acting and loads of unique animations. This games artstyle is so iconic I thought 1-2 were in it too for the longest time. And these were the exact same system, graphics had been revolutionized THAT much. This game even has difficulty selection. Best of all the writing is still funny.
TL;DR: lucasgames went from selling us the equivalent of leather jackets to Fine Leather Jackets