The Jackbox Party Pack 2

released on Oct 12, 2015

The sequel to the party game The Jackbox Party Pack, featuring 5 new party games! Phones or tablets can be used as controllers. For up to 8 players plus an Audience of up to 10,000. Games included: Earwax Fibbage 2 Bidiots Quiplash XL Bomb Corp.

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Quiplash: The real bread and butter of jackbox. 2 players answer a prompt and everyone else votes on the funnier/more fitting response.
Bidiots: Drawing game where you attempt to bid on the "art" for the highest score.
Fibbage 2: Fibbage 2
Earwax: Respond to prompts with not your own words, but from a collection of silly sound effects, most of which elicit a giggle by themselves.
Bomb Corps: Cooperative game where 1 player gets instructions on how to disarm a bomb and must relay them to the other players within the time limit.

Whenever I pull this pack up it is always just for Quiplash as every group I have played with gets tired of the other games after a couple times. That being said, Quiplash is so much fun that I'm often asked to bring it with me for group activities.

Earwax is the best game here I love stupid ass sounds, but the rest kinda suck no lie.

In Quiplash submitting "cum" no matter what the prompt is

The type of shit I've typed into Quiplash would get me and my friends arrested

LETS GOOO, the introduction of Quiplash so it's instantly based.

#1 Quiplash XL- Probably the best game in Jackbox history
#2 Bidiots - Feels like a worse version of Drawful
#3 Fibbage2 - More Fibbage, its stil real fun
#4 Earwax - Can be some good fun depending on mood
#5 Bomb Corp - Nah, this ones a miss