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- Bad and nearly unplayable

1 - Awful and pretty much irredeemable

- Starfield
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I think this is just a fantastic, fun little strategy game. I think it's a really exceptional twist and spin on the nature of things like Civ or Total War. The aesthetic is great, art is gorgeous. The usage of the little cards and rituals and ploys feels like one of the best boardgame style mechanic implementations in a video game I've ever experienced. I like how structured the combat is and how most of the game is spent maneuvering all about the other facets of gameplay aside from combat.

It's just really neat. Very inventive. It feels nothing like other strategy games, while still feeling like a very interesting strategy game in its own right. I just think the whole thing is very creative, very unique and still quite fun. I think ultimately when you do get good at the game, which is not easy!, the AI gets too simple to beat. After a little it's just not very hard anymore and can feel samey. So unless you have friends for multiplayer it's just gonna lack the same replayability as something like Civ or Crusader Kings or Total War. But it's still very neat, and very worth your time.

This is a review of the ongoing Closed Beta. I may well return to this on release and re-review it when changes are made.

It's a weird little thing. It's pretty cool. Turn-based tactics gameplay mixed with MOBA inspired heroes and objectives. All multiplayer. I actually think this is a complete breath of fresh air in the multiplayer scene, it's really neat. As for a closed beta, for a game still reasonably early in development, this is about as good as it gets.

There's only 12 heroes so far but each one has a skin that changes up their abilities a tad. Not enough to make them altogether different but different enough that it's more like there's 18 different heroes. Since you use three in a game, that's probably not enough for a full release to provide enough variety and strategic depth. But each hero so far is pretty nicely designed and their kits work pretty well even if they all feel a tinge generic (like someone asked ChatGPT to make them a LoL hero).

What the game really needs is just more of every thing. More maps, bigger maps, a different win condition/game mode. More heroes. It'd be nice if there were item builds for each hero, especially ones that could change in game (like Teamfight Tactics). It'd be nice if there was a draft mode so you'd have no mirror matches / would be nice if there were better or buffed hero synergies. A 1v1v1 mode could be cool. There just needs more stuff. More to do, more depth, more uniqueness. Playing the standard PvP mode right now with the number of heroes that are currently in the game is going to get old very quickly. It's like playing a card game with 10 cards.

But what exists is very fun. And quite good. It's a great foundation to build on. A great place to start. It just needs more of everything. I'll definitely come back to check it out on full release.

I was very excited to get my Playdate when I bought it, but in the end only fumbled around with it a little before tossing it in a drawer and forgetting about it. I loved the idea of the little thing and it did fill me with a lot of glee when it first arrived, but I never much committed to giving it a real go when it finally did show up in my mailbox. Now that Mars After Midnight has released, I've decided I gotta pop it back open and really give it some time.

And with that, came me revisiting Casual Birder. It's short, very charming, some dorky writing and overall very reminiscent of Legend of Zelda style gameplay with some Undertale-ish dialogue. It's a little too try-hardy sometimes and a little too quirky for the sake of quirky at times. But it's still fun. It's certainly a shining star of Season One on the Playdate and one of the few free Season One games that attempts, and succeeds, at being a real full and complete game, rather than a gimmick or an activity of some sort.

I thought about giving a lower score. But felt maybe I was being stingy. It's not the longest or most complex or most innovative game. But it was fun, I will remember it, I did really enjoy it and I think anyone with a Playdate would score this amongst their favorite titles on the device. Simple shouldn't be a penalty for a game. Sometimes really good games can be really simple ones.