The Last of Us Part II

released on Jun 19, 2020

Set 5 years after the events of The Last of Us, we see the return of Joel and Ellie. Driven by hatred, Ellie sets out for Seattle to serve justice. However, she begins to wonder what justice really means.

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Favourite game...wait, that's not enough. Favourite piece of media I've ever experienced in my life. It's everything I've ever wanted from games - unforgettable story and characters, depressing atmosphere that cannot be matched and nearly perfect gameplay with amazing combat mechanics. Even though the game could be overwhelming I haven't played anything so replayable in years. I finished the game 4 times and I still want more!

I have no idea how to review this game it has its flaws but they're weird flaws that I don't really know if they're flaws in the "this is a 4/5 because ____" but yea good game

uma experiência única, sabe mexer com suas emoções e percepções, talvez o jogo que mais mexeu comigo

Absolutely rare when a sequel tops the original, I’ve never experienced anything like this. This game was too perfect and the new characters were just as amazing as Joel and Ellie. Graphics were stellar. Too bad it has such a shitty fan base.

This review contains spoilers

Ludonarrative dissonance literally kills the ending of this game completely. If the gameplay didn’t force you to be a murderous maniac for its entirety then I might have understood why Ellie decided to let Abby go.

I honestly support all the other story elements and risks that were took, the gameplay was satisfying, if not repetitive at times, and the acting was impeccable. Just disappointing that the ending ruins so much.

+ Incredible visuals
+ Industry leading performance capture
+ Gameplay greatly enhanced
+ Larger, more dynamic play spaces
+ Doesn't play it safe

- Messy story
- Way too long; poor pacing
- "look but don't touch" gameplay philosophy