The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

released on Jun 24, 2004

In the kingdom of Liberl, a man named Cassius Bright serves as one of the land's greatest Bracers, a freelance organization dedicated to keeping peace and helping those in need. When he is called off to business in the neighboring country, his daughter Estelle and his adopted son Joshua take on his work as upcoming Bracers. But when the airship he was traveling on vanishes, his children seize the task of discovering the truth behind the incident, and rescuing their father. From the makers of the Ys games comes a series of RPGs telling a legend of adventure, political intrigue, and mystery, with a tale of growing up at the core. With a mix of turn-based and strategy combat, and an equipment system blending traits of famous games like Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Cross, battles will cause unique builds and plans to handle many different situations and allow for different play styles. Wonderfully detailed characters abound, even to the smallest NPC, and the player will find themself taking the world in at every turn. Trails in the Sky sets a new standard for making an enjoyable and immersive RPG.

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It's an introduction to a massive fuckn world that's drowning in tiny little nippets of worldbuilding here and there that get drip fed to you over the course of hundreds of hours and tens of games. It's consistent, this plethora of information that's hitting you, like you'll talk to a random NPC and they'll say something about the Reinford Company over in Erebonia to the north and, like, I've played Cold Steel so I'm like "huh, yeah I think I remember them being like a warmongering... I think they're Raytheon?" or you'll read an in-game book about Jaeger Corps and you've heard all this shit before. it's fantastic
Combat's generally ok, it's got a really great skill system but it really doesn't take a lot of effort to kill a couple Shining Poms and end up with an ass-ton of sepith and you can get end-game skills by like Chapter 2. The game definitely caters for creativity with it's skill setups but with a bit of experimentation and mucking around in menu's it felt quite easily breakable, at least on Normal. I think I game overed once.
there's a blade runner twist right at the end and its so fucking good - I vividly remember people talking about how fuckin stupid and asinine some of the twists in Cold Steel get but the twist here is perfect, like throughout the game there are all these weird little things like "wow this character is like weirdly smart, why was this guy hiding from the main characters, lot of characters randomly losing their memory" and the twist just wraps up every single loose end and wow I suddenly want to give Falcom another 30 dollars
of course it pales in comparison to the twist in Raging Loop's second route or Sleepaway Camp, but thats uncharted territory for man - how can you beat what can't be topped. both of these do the same thing differently
Trails in the Sky is exactly like Sleepaway Camp

Pretty nice RPG. Wish it was a bit shorter, lots of character building for sure.

outside of some weird difficulty spikes, i had a lot of fun with this game, it was a banger experience overall. slow start up but im the type that doesn't mind that. also i will protect tita with my life. also also thank GOD for retry offset i wanna kiss whoever came up with that idea

Enjoy what I've played so far, but a little too dry for my liking. But def gonna return to it in a few months or so.

The best 40 hour prologue I've ever played.