The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna

released on Jul 23, 2015

An expansion for The Talos Principle

This substantial expansion consists of four episodes that take experienced players through some of the most advanced and challenging puzzles yet. The Talos Principle writers Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes have returned to pen the expansion and show players an entirely different side of Elohim's world through a journey to Gehenna filled with new characters and a new society with its own history and philosophy.

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As far as The Talos Principle's puzzles go, this is the peak. The star world especially stands out as the best puzzles in the series. The story here is still compelling albeit not as conceptually interesting as the original or second game. The text based nature of it is interesting and well executed. Short, neat, challenging and fun.

Something about this didn't hit as well as the main game, but it was still challenging and fun. Nothing really new, just more of the same, which I guess is exactly what you want out of a DLC. Shitposting being a core game mechanic was nice too.

I'm mad though because I was gonna go back to get all the stars I missed at the end but when I finished it hadn't saved since like 14 puzzles ago and I can absolutely not be bothered to do them again

não achei tão bom quanto o jogo base mas são puzzles que te fazem se sentir um gênio, embora eu tenha visto alguns na net porque pareciam simplesmente impossíveis, recomendo a DLC a qualquer um que goste de puzzles e do jogo original (e preferencialmente que seja mais inteligente que eu)

(I played this on PS4, but that's not an option in Backloggd.)

Kudos to the designers for finding more interesting puzzles with the same mechanics as the main game, but I think a DLC of this size justifies having genuinely new mechanics, and (like the original game) there are more puzzles here than necessary. By the end, I felt less clever, and more annoyed at the amount of fiddle necessary. I also had no interest in getting any of the stars, given how hard many of them are just to locate, and so I was annoyed that the game seems to lock the best ending behind them.

That being said, the story being told in Gehenna is genuinely more interesting, and the core mechanics are well-designed enough (and still unique 6 years after the fact) that I mostly had a good time.

Road to Gehenna is an interesting expansion in that it doesn't add much totally new to the experience. You'll utilise the exact same mechanics as the base game, in environments ripped straight from the base game; without a new story, this could just be a map pack, with additional, more difficuly challenges following up from the end of the original.

However, there is a story here, and it's delivered differently from The Talos Principle. While you'll still access computers scattered across the world (in this case, one after each puzzle), they tend to be a lot more interactive. You play as Uriel, an emissary of Elohim, sent to shut down Gehenna, a world inhabited by many unique characters. I won't get into the weeds of the narrative, but it is rather compelling and philosophically challenging. The delivery is the highlight, as you access information via a social network. Each thread has posts from various people, and you're often able to add your own thoughts to the discussion boards. Sometimes these threads include attachments, such as art, literature or even the occasional text-based adventure game, similar to something like Zork. It's a brilliant framing device that builds certain individuals into unique characters, and oftentimes gets a laugh out of me due to the snappier, wittier writing.

All in all, this was a worthwile experience. While I found the puzzles dragged somewhat, with nothing brand new to shake up the fairly long playtime, the intermittent story beats more than made up for this, in many ways surpassing the storytelling of the base game. If you liked what The Talos Principle had to offer, you're bound to find something to enjoy here.

A worthy continuation to the original. Enjoyed it as much as the base game. The chat room style discussions between puzzles were really good and the ending was satisfying. Well worth every penny. (coming from someone who thought the base game was 10/10).