The Walking Dead: Destinies

released on Nov 17, 2023

Begin your journey as Rick Grimes, waking alone in a hospital surrounded by the dead. Assemble allies and fight your way through the walker apocalypse across iconic locations from The Walking Dead, including Atlanta, the Greene family farm, the prison, and Woodbury. In crucial choice-driven moments, you’ll forever shape the destiny of your team of characters from the series. Heroes and villains, living and dead – it’s up to you to decide whether to stay the course of history or forge your own path through the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Having fun 🥰🥰 with my Nintendo Switch OLED 🥰🥰 playing. Thank you for bringing dogshit licensed games back into the fray! I sure hope I can turn Sophia into Lil Guv'nor.
The worst part? There's a T-Dog dev who actually brought the actor back and got him a suspiciously high amount of new material. This sucks because now I gotta up the score to one star. I can't think of something this game did better than what I just said. Maybe YOU will... buy this game now on Nintendo Switch OLED! 🥰🥰 for the sake of my reputation I'll also admit to having pirated the game.

If The Walking Dead: Destinies has a million fans, I am one of them.
If The Walking Dead: Destinies has ten fans, I am one of them.
If The Walking Dead: Destinies has one fan, it is me.
If The Walking Dead: Destinies has zero fans, I am dead.
If The Walking Dead: Destinies is against the world, I am against the world.