The Witch's House

released on Oct 03, 2012
by Fummy

The Witch's House falls within the tradition of Japanese horror RPGs with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving and jump scares. Among other entries in the genre such as Ib and Ao Oni, The Witch's House surprised fans with pixel-art that conceals truly frightening horror. The Witch's House is deliberately designed with traps at almost every turn--sudden death is unpredictable and it keeps players on their toes. Anything can happen at any time.

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De pequeño lo flipé con este juego. Quizá abusa mucho de los screamers y el susto fácil, pero en general me parece un buen juego con un final que sorprende.

Actually very very fun to play I'll probably play it again at some point

also played it with my big sister

me arrepio até hoje lembro dessa pérola

guys if i have to be honest i dont remember anything about this game except for the ending. and also that i died to a teddy bear