Tomb Raider I•II•III Remastered

released on Feb 14, 2024

Discover Lara Croft’s Original Adventures, Lovingly Restored Play the Original Three Tomb Raider Adventures: For the first time ever, play the complete experience with all expansions and secret levels on modern platforms in this definitive collection. Included Game Titles Tomb Raider I + The Unfinished Business Expansion Tomb Raider II + The Gold Mask Expansion Tomb Raider III + The Lost Artifact Expansion

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muito daora masterizar os controles desse clássico!!!

I'm one of those freaks that never stopped playing (and replaying) the original Tomb Raider games, so I have a very strong familiarity with this series and these three games in particular. So a lot of the typical barriers to entry that these games present to newer fans, and maybe even older fans (the controls, the camera, the grid system etc.) weren't really an issue. I do still recognise that these remasters are probably a hard sell in 2024 and I've read plenty of reviews that support that. Personally though, these remasters delivered exactly what I expected and was hoping for.

Not to speculate but it feels like the devs were given no time at all to get these remasters made. My guess is that they were maybe given a year? We have the updated graphics sure but everything else (aside from the new control scheme) remains untouched. The in-game cutscene use the exact same head- bobby animations from the original when it would have been beneficial to clean those up a bit. The voice acting is the same, the music is the same, there's no extras to speak of... TRIII also chugs quite a bit which supports my theory that these might have been rushed. The FMVs drop frames like crazy, even when they're compressed which is wild to me.

Like, as a piece of video game history/ preservation I think these games are the gold standard for how older games should be made available for modern audiences. But I can't help but wish there was been a way to tighten up the newer versions while leaving the original games as they were, jank and all.

It's insane that they chose to remaster the graphics the way they did, basically just pasting new textures over what was already there. I love this decision even though it doesn't always work from a readability stand point. I'd prefer that the game take a big swing with the art direction and make a mad choice like this then have the games lose their charm striving to match modern graphical sensibilities. Lara's character model is also the best it's ever looked.

The photo mode has the potential to break the game altogether!? The camera isn't tethered to Lara so you can just straight up map out the whole level if you feel like it and get a sense of what lies ahead. Again, a crazy decision that I 100% support. These games are hard!! It's good to give players a useful tool like that. I don't know if that was the intended goal for the camera but regardless, I hope they never patch it.

I really enjoyed revisiting TR I, II and III in this way. I hope that some new fans can get some enjoyment out of them too. I hope we'll get The Last Revelations and Chronicles eventually but maybe that's asking for too much.

Now that the embargo is over, I can finally review this remaster!

Although I am far from finished due to work, I did play the original ones, including Unfinished Business, so I am here to comment on what the remake has brought us.

Other than enhanced HD textures and remade models (Lara looks amazing!), the CGI cinematics are upscalled, and the sound has been enhanced as well (both music, SFX and dialogues). The items are now 3D instead of 2D textures, we have achievements (some are funny, some are easter eggs that people who played the originals will understand - like getting that Large Medkit through the corner glitch).

The tank controls remain as an option, thankfully, because the modern controls are buggy (Lara doesn't backflip, for example). The classic visuals are also an option, if you press F3 you can switch between them and the modern visuals. The essence of the classic Tomb Raider games is fully here, it's like reliving memories but with higher quality!

I experienced a few texture bugs (especially places with the ceiling missing), and had friends that experienced progression bugs too, which I hope they get fixed now during launch.

Overall, it's an amazing remastered trilogy that comes with the add-on levels! My favorite of these three will always be Tomb Raider II, of course!

Special thanks to Crystal Dynamics for the early access and free key! Thank you for this oportunity to try out the game so we could report the bugs to be fixed!

São clássicos, não tem muito o que falar... O que envelheceu foi por conta da época, mas são divertimento puro. A remasterização ficou uma gracinha e os controles modernos... funcionam, mas necessitam de melhorias (principalmente por conta da câmera do controle clássico impactando) e polimento.

No mais, me diverti do começo ao fim.

Me perdoem pessoal, mas os controles desse jogo são horríveis, tanto o modo tanque, quanto o modo moderno. O jogo parece ser muito interessante, mas não consigo jogar com esses controles. Vou deixar para a próxima...

From the view point of a collection basis the Remastered Collection is an excellent way to experiance the original Tomb Raider games. There isn't much in the form of extra's but honestly that's okay. The redone graphics are great and being able to swap from the original and new styles is a really great choice and I found myself switching constantly. The new graphics could use some tweaks in the lighting department though. Sometimes I found it too dark. Modern controls were added but the original controls still work better honestly but if it gets some people to play then thats great. The collection makes the games feel fresh all the while really there's not much changed in the core games. A solid deal all things considered.