released on May 20, 2014

An unconventional tactical action RPG in which after a powerful group called the Camerata cause measureless destruction through the ambiguous settlement of Cloudbank, Red, a famous singer in the city, goes on a journey along with her lover who is trapped inside the Transistor, a powerful machine with mysterious properties, to get to the bottom of the situation and get her lost voice back.

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narrator guy just gets annoying. really can't bring myself to care about whatever's going on. devs probably enjoyed electroswing in 2012

No sé qué pensar de este juego. Lo compré aprovechando la rebaja que le hicieron hace tiempo y porque me lo recomendaron y sabía que tenía muy buenas críticas, pero, para mí, claro, no tiene nada más destacable aparte del apartado visual y el sonoro; el sistema de combate y la mecánica se me han hecho muy pesados (menos mal que es corto), y no he logrado encontrarle ningún propósito al argumento. Igual no lo habré entendido, pero tampoco me ha parecido que el propio juego te ayude a entenderlo. Muy lioso todo.

Platinum trophy earned, including completion of one full recursion. The recent release of Pyre provided an overdue reminder for me to go back to Transistor, which I'd previously tried briefly but didn't make much progress on - and I'm very glad that I did! I don't think that I've played any other games quite like this game, with its innovative mix of real-time and turn-based overhead-perspective combat - the game's key mechanic is the protagonist's "Turn()" ability, which pauses the action, allowing a series of actions to be queued up. There's an extraordinary extent of customisability available within this system, with each of the game's 16 combat abilities able to be combined with any of the others for a supplemental effect, or assigned as a passive ability for a related persistent effect - and it all adds up to a system with a huge amount of tactical depth
Alongside this, while I didn't get as absorbed in the lore of Transistor's futuristic setting as I perhaps could have done, but there's some fantastic world-building here for those to whom that appeals. The final word, though, has to go to the game's stunning soundtrack and, taking its cue from Supergiant's previous game Bastion, the well-implemented narration provided by the 'intelligent' sword that's your constant companion throughout the game.

the ending made me cry so hard
Visuals are stunning, the concept is really good, the soundtrack brings me to tears, and the gameplay feels original. Too bad this game is so short

A short and lore-rich game that tries to draw you in although you might not understand why you should care for all that story.
But afterwards you understand more and it leaves a great memory although you never got to understand the whole world and its hidden lore.
It’s a cool game gameplay-wise and how it narratively tries to tell you a story.
I enjoyed it and finished it which I couldn’t do with Bastion which world I coukd never get into. I feel these types of games are too much Board Games, D&D, Fantasy/Sci-fi-books for my taste and since I haven’t that much interest in delving into new lore trown at me, I wasn’t that impressed, but with that being said Supergiant Games and Gen Zee are extremely talented and this game is too short and beautiful to not give it a full shot!

An absolute masterpiece. I listen to the soundtrack to this day still. One of my favourites of all time.