released on May 20, 2014


released on May 20, 2014

An unconventional tactical action RPG in which after a powerful group called the Camerata cause measureless destruction through the ambiguous settlement of Cloudbank, Red, a famous singer in the city, goes on a journey along with her lover who is trapped inside the Transistor, a powerful machine with mysterious properties, to get to the bottom of the situation and get her lost voice back.

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Have played it a couple of times now and never felt compelled to finish despite its very short length. I think the combining of skills to make up the combat system is quite interesting, but did not see drastic changes to my effectiveness even though I tried out many different set ups. The story does nothing for me and I think the sword talks a bit too much. Overall the game was just far too repetitive and does not hook me with any one element of it enough to press on. It does look great, and has a solid, though by far not my favorite, score by Darren Korb.

A really fantastic game from Supergiant. I finished the game and needed to sit alone in a dark room for two hours.

I wasn't really a fan of the gameplay, but that's just personal preference and didn't hinder my actual enjoyment of the game. The sword is my best friend. :)

Extremely memorable and well made.

fun gameplay but i couldn't care less about the story tho

A somewhat janky and uninspiring gameplay that is compensated by an incredibly tasteful art design. A joy to the senses.

The combat, customization and atmosphere were very well done in Transistor. I had a lot of fun trying the different combinations and exploring the environment. There is a pretty minimalist story that was effective, but I wish there was a bit more to it. There's a lot of information you uncover about various characters in the world which can be read by collecting and using functions. I wish there was an option to have the sword/narrator read it aloud while I can continue playing the game.