released on May 20, 2014

An unconventional tactical action RPG in which after a powerful group called the Camerata cause measureless destruction through the ambiguous settlement of Cloudbank, Red, a famous singer in the city, goes on a journey along with her lover who is trapped inside the Transistor, a powerful machine with mysterious properties, to get to the bottom of the situation and get her lost voice back.

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Não fazia ideia da existência de Transistor até pegar de graça sem esperar muito. Hoje não sei nem dizer o quanto eu amo esse jogo, arte, músicas, o conceito e a narrativa que apesar de curtinha eu ainda não esqueço, só não dou 5 por conta do combate que poderia ser melhor, tirando isso Perfeito.

I’m a big fan of SuperGiant Games and this is the title that got me hooked. Very fun combat mechanics, interesting story with excellent characters. It’s the perfect length and plays terrific on Switch.

Neat little game about a woman with no voice.
I found the game very enjoyable due to how much stuff you can do in the beach and the way you can customize your loadout of abilities.
The music is good in every Supergiant game, but in this game there's a particular focus on it because of the fact that the protagonist is a singer.
I haven't tried replaying the game, but I probably would.

I love a woman who goes a rage induced revenge quest, narrated by her supportive boyfriend who thinks she can do no wrong.

I couldn't get into this. :^/