Undertale Yellow

released on Dec 09, 2023

Welcome to Undertale Yellow. In this fan made prequel to the RPG Undertale, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters... but will you make it out alive? Grab your cowboy hat and your gun and take the place of Undertale’s Yellow soul in their journey through the Underground on an original adventure.

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Letteralmente undertale con tutto quello che riguardava undertale

This review contains spoilers

To put it bluntly, this game is absolutely AMAZING. Considering this is a fangame, you kinda have to compare it to Undertale, but even if you didn't, this game is still one of the best games I've ever played. It does everything Undertale does amazingly, and even outdoes Undertale in some parts. From Flowey trying to lead you towards his plan to Martlet attempting to escort you to North Star and his whole thing with having a human in the form of Clover to Ceroba and her entire story with her family and eventually fighting you to finish what her husband started, it is all so great. Did I mention that's JUST the pacifist route? Don't even get me started on the absolute insanity that is Flowey in the neutral route and how fucking awesome Martlet is in the genocide/vengeance route. In reality, the whole entire thing with Clover and his vengeance in the route is so well done, especially as it progresses. The mechanics are also so well done, whether its a unique concept like dashing with your soul in certain fights or borrowing simple concepts from both Undertale and Deltarune and improving apon them or just polishing them more than the 2 official games ever did. There's so much more I never even covered for this game, all completely for FREE, $0. Just like Undertale, so, so, SO MUCH is packed into a short, ~6 hour long game. Congrats UTY Team, you made something I will definitely be hyperfocused on for the next month. Please go play it, it's a very good game if you could not tell already.

Some of the fights were...Not fun, possibly not balanced well (looking at you, pacifist Ceroba phase 1), but the charm of this game is undeniable. the characters and the music are really what sells it for me! Also that neutral final fight literally has me so giddy every time i think about it that was Peak

This game rules! The soundtrack is gonna be in my playlists forever. I didn't think the writing was nearly as solid as undertale proper's, but that's an unfairly high bar to clear. This is a full-ass game

stellar fangame prequel type thing that is a true labour of love, all the story routes are excellent and it's full of cool ideas of its own, genuinely blown away by the way it concludes in each route - it's peak fangame