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To put it bluntly, this game is absolutely AMAZING. Considering this is a fangame, you kinda have to compare it to Undertale, but even if you didn't, this game is still one of the best games I've ever played. It does everything Undertale does amazingly, and even outdoes Undertale in some parts. From Flowey trying to lead you towards his plan to Martlet attempting to escort you to North Star and his whole thing with having a human in the form of Clover to Ceroba and her entire story with her family and eventually fighting you to finish what her husband started, it is all so great. Did I mention that's JUST the pacifist route? Don't even get me started on the absolute insanity that is Flowey in the neutral route and how fucking awesome Martlet is in the genocide/vengeance route. In reality, the whole entire thing with Clover and his vengeance in the route is so well done, especially as it progresses. The mechanics are also so well done, whether its a unique concept like dashing with your soul in certain fights or borrowing simple concepts from both Undertale and Deltarune and improving apon them or just polishing them more than the 2 official games ever did. There's so much more I never even covered for this game, all completely for FREE, $0. Just like Undertale, so, so, SO MUCH is packed into a short, ~6 hour long game. Congrats UTY Team, you made something I will definitely be hyperfocused on for the next month. Please go play it, it's a very good game if you could not tell already.

This game rules! The soundtrack is gonna be in my playlists forever. I didn't think the writing was nearly as solid as undertale proper's, but that's an unfairly high bar to clear. This is a full-ass game

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Absolutely adored it. The characters, gameplay, spritework, music, it was definitely worth the wait and you can tell how much effort and love was put into every detail. My only issues with it probably have to be some of the boss fights. Particularly cerobas in both pacifist and genocide, and martlets final boss in genocide. It's just a lot of mindless dodge-spamming and bullet hell, and didn't properly teach some attacks/mechanics. It did feel very rewarding after beating them though and it's my only gripe. If you liked undertale I would highly recommend checking this out it is just bursting with personality and passion and reminds me so much of playing undertale for the first time, of course with its own identity. Absolutely amazing. Also FLOWEY CONTENT 10/10 FOR FLOWgets shot

se você gosta de Undertale é um DEVER seu jogar esse jogo. todo o carinho colocado aqui faz eu me sentir como se tivesse 11 anos de novo, imaginando e sonhando com o universo de Undertale...

pra um fangame a quantidade de conteúdo original é absurda, os personagens (90% são novos) são extremamente carismáticos e engraçados, com aquela vibe que o Toby Fox entregava. os cenários e trilha sonora também, top tier, lembra Undertale mas com pegadas originais que trazem uma identidade pra o jogo.

a história também. mesmo que você comece fadado a saber o que vai acontecer, consegue emocionar e te deixar reflexivo sobre varios temas (não esperava chorar tanto). principalmente o luto, a falta de direção com os altos e baixos da vida, e a justiça (bem adequado já que a alma amarela representa essa virtude).

amo esse projeto desde seu berço anos atrás e sempre vou amá-lo 💛💛💛💛💛

completed pacifist. this game existing at all is a triumph by itself, but where it really shines is in its polish, soundtrack, and story. the animations are impressive; it's the one aspect i can say with full confidence surpasses undertale by comparison. of course, the game's not without flaw (too many bullet patterns that aren't patterns at all but instead garbage being flung around), but regardless this is the closest a fangame will ever get to emulating that sweet sweet toby fox magic. did i mention its free??? playing it will make you feel like you're robbing the devs at gunpoint (pun intended). no excuse not to try this game if you feel even just lukewarm towards undertale.

Some of the character designs don't quite feel like they fit in with Undertale, but it's still a very well made imagining of different parts of Undertale's world, especially for a fan project

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Marked as spoiler already but to specify, this will be major spoilers for the final boss of the pacifist route. I’m also only writing about pacifist, so keep that in mind.

Undertale Yellow is a fantastic fangame, truly understanding what made the original Undertale work and building on top of its foundation rather than reusing pre-established gameplay and characters. Yellow didn’t feel like a rehash of Undertale or too reliant on what Undertale already did while simultaneously still tying into several aspects of the original’s story (notably True Lab). And Yellow also exudes love and passion both for the game itself and for the original Undertale which inspired it.

I love a lot of what Yellow does. It innovates a TON on Undertale’s gameplay, making fights and especially bosses a lot more interesting. Especially once you hit the second half of the game, the bosses you fight introduce new mechanics that make each boss fight stand out and feel unique. The shield with AXIS? Starlo tying your soul to a lasso? Needing to free your actions against Guardener? Fucking DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION??? While difficulty balancing was definitely an issue bosses had (sometimes to an egregious degree), each boss felt interesting to learn and to fight.

I also enjoyed the story and the cast. The player knows that Clover is going to die at the end of the story, after all we know Asgore already has a yellow soul in the main story of Undertale. So there’s a bittersweet aspect to the journey, because the entire journey we’re making bonds with these characters while knowing that we’ll die at the end, and the entire journey we’re asking ourselves “how is Clover going to die?”. The world of Yellow, similarly to the main Undertale, is full of life and charm, but Yellow spends more time with individual characters since Clover isn’t in the same rush as Frisk is in. Wild East shows this off fantastically, where the entire section is just getting to know both about Starlo and The Feisty Five as a whole, but the entirety of the Wild East itself. Exploring the Underground again also felt unique, with each area being either completely new to Yellow or a completely new section of a previous area. The sole exceptions are the very beginning of the game where you’re in the ruins (which is basically a fake out anyway), and stopping by Hotlands VERY briefly as a bridge point (which makes sense considering the story up to that point). Yellow is able to land its emotional beats, managing to be touching, funny, horrifying and heartbreaking similarly to Undertale. Yet those emotional moments are utilized differently than Undertale, further helping Yellow stand out.

I was in love with the game and then… Ceroba happened. I genuinely despise her fight’s balance. Don’t get me wrong, the boss fight is interesting, has solid gameplay design, and has that same gameplay style change that I enjoyed with the other bosses. But holy shit it is infuriating. There is a MAJOR difficulty spike from AXIS, the fight directly before Ceroba, to the point that it’s jarring (and it’s worse than any other difficulty jump up to her). As well, her attacks are genuinely overwhelming with how much is happening on screen and how much you need to manage.

And phase 4? God, phase 4 was not necessary. Seeing that the fight was going to continue for one more phase felt like a slap in the face, especially because ending at phase 3 felt natural. You broke her mask, good game. For me, phase 4 just felt like an artificial way to extend the fight. Not to mention, it made all the prior problems I had with Ceroba’s fight worse. Her attacks and everything I had to manage was extremely overwhelming, and while within the Ceroba fight the difficulty jump makes sense, it is SIGNIFICANTLY harder than everything before Ceroba, and if you didn’t preserve your healing items well enough because you didn’t expect a phase 4? RESTART EVERYTHING. Ceroba just left me feeling drained and pissed off. The ACT menu helps, and it’s relieving that you restart the fight at the last phase you were on if you don’t need to quit the fight, but it doesn’t make up for how bullshit everything else feels.

Granted, I really hate bullet hells, and Ceroba is the most bullet hell boss in both Undertale Yellow and the original Undertale. Maybe I’m biased in how much I hated the fight. But I ended up giving up and just looking up the pacifist ending because I was too exhausted and pissed off.

Even if I hate the final boss and the difficulty spikes in the game, everything else about Yellow is fantastic. It genuinely stands on par with the original Undertale while bringing so much new to the table. A must play for fans of the original and a high recommendation for fans of RPGs as a whole. Yellow is absolutely worth giving a shot, pun not intended, and I’m glad to see that Yellow has performed so fantastically. It deserves all the praise it receives.

(disclaimer: i have only played through the pacifist route at the time of me writing this) prior to playing this game, i never once thought a piece of fan media could make me cry.

THE NEUTRAL ENDING WAS SO GOOD YOU GUYS OH MY GODDDD! ...and yet, the pacifist ending was somehow even better.

Undertale Yellow is a game that perfectly captures the endless charm and style of og Undertale while also being its own incredibly charming & incredibly stylish thing, making this fan-game truly feel like I'm re-experiencing Undertale all over gain (an Undertale 2 if you will.)

There's a whole lotta game here and the more i discover new stuff the more i fall in love with it. 100% worth your time if you like ut/dr

I can barely manage to put into words just how fantastic this game is. Nearly surpasses the original at times, honestly. I fell in love with the characters, Clover, and this new side of the Underground.

My only real criticism is that the game's difficulty is a bit too high for my liking, definitely more difficult than UT itself imo, but I don't mind it too much and it doesn't really take away from how great it is.

no le doy 5 pq es fangame, iba sin expectativas y eso q no me suelen gustar los fangames de undertale pq suelen ser centrados en sans; PERO ESTE? HOLA???? ES COMO JUGAR DE NUEVO AL UNDERTALE Q MARAVILLA

still so funny to me that you're just running around with a whole ass Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum 6rd 8" Barrel Stainless ANACONDA-SP8RTS Revolver in this and nobody bats an eye 😭

It's so good that I wish it was official. Though it doesn't reach Toby Fox-tier of writing, the main characters (aside from Dalv) are really well written and I cared a lot about them. The music is bangin', the art and animation are great, and the plot is also amazing. Must recommend if you like Undertale/Deltarune.

Some of the fights were...Not fun, possibly not balanced well (looking at you, pacifist Ceroba phase 1), but the charm of this game is undeniable. the characters and the music are really what sells it for me! Also that neutral final fight literally has me so giddy every time i think about it that was Peak

stellar fangame prequel type thing that is a true labour of love, all the story routes are excellent and it's full of cool ideas of its own, genuinely blown away by the way it concludes in each route - it's peak fangame

Uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado en mi vida. Y de fangames ya ni te cuento.

Really good fangame follow-up to Undertale. All 3 routes are satisfying. It takes a little bit for it to get going, though, but Undertale's formula is thankfully novel enough to get you to where the plot starts to pick up.

if you like undertale JUST PLAY IT, it's amazing. It's even better than undertale in some regards, and I think it's fair to say it has more content than it too. I never expected a fan game to make it to my top 3 games of all time, next to undertale itself and deltarune, but it just feels that authentic to my favorite game.

Genuinely excellent. I enjoyed how reserved and tasteful the whole thing was, it had a really solid grasp on what made the original Undertale great. The major characters take a little longer to grow on you than Papyrus or Undyne, I'll admit, but I ended up caring for them a great deal. I was really impressed by the authenticity in the smaller details, all of the flavor text was pitch-perfect with Undertale's sense of humor. The battles were really challenging at times, but I never felt unfairly stuck on anything. Undertale Yellow starts off a little slow, but give it time and it'll really impress you.

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You're a good person if you commit suicide and a bad person if you don't

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This is the best darn fan-game I've ever played. If you want a story which captures the spirit of Toby Fox's work, then play this game. It's a project oozing with passion and love for the original.

Highly reccomend it if you have a passing interest in more Undertale.

Spoilers for ALL ROUTES below. I played Pacifist and watched the other runs:

I love how this game gets written. It has some teething troubles during the Dark Ruins and Snowdin, but once you reach the area beyond that, the writing really steps it up a notch.

I love how regardless of the route you pick, there's a big discussion around the idea of "Justice". What is justice? How do you enact it?

Each run comes to different conclusions and I love that. Writing-wise I adore how characters like Starlo, Flowey and Chujin were written. Ceroba is good but does somewhat overpower the story which felt like it was Clover's tale prior to the Steamworks. Dalv is definitely the least fleshed out.

Gameplay-wise I had a blast. The simple addition of a run button and infinite storage in the bag make for such a smooth experience.

But the balance for some battles can be wack. They start off introducing a mechanic slowly before rapidly ramping up the difficulty in ways that feel cheap or unfair (El Bailador, Pacifist AXIS, Pacifist Ceroba).

Most of the time this wouldn't be an issue, but every time you die, it'll take a while to get back to those attacks due to the dialogue, cutscenes and previous attacks.

But I can't stay mad at this game. It's a love-letter to Undertale: the art and animation are gorgeous and fluid, the music is catchy and utilises both pre-existing and new leitmotifs and man, they wrote Flowey SO well.

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a wonderful game. measures up extremely well to undertale and evokes the same feelings. made me cry like a baby multiple times throughout the end even though i (kind of) knew what was coming.

Insanely well-crafted! Clearly shows how every second of development during the 7 years went towards making the game as good as it could possibly be. Highly recommend playing for any Undertale fan!

The textbook example of a very fine fangame. Original game's essence is still there and completely respected. The new cast is on spot and refreshing, while the (sadly, few) reapparences of old characters aren't out of tone with the og.

The only point I felt keeping it from the 5/5 is that I'm positive that the lore isn't 100% hermetically connected with the og, which would've been cool.

I'm recommending this one to anyone who wants more undertale..or not - the UT fan fate is to be as unsufferable as possible on the internet..

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First Undertale fangame i ever cared for and been playing it to do all the three routes. Most Undertale fangames tend to be rehashed versions of the original Undertale, except with swapped personalities, for example, that tend to be ridiculous at times (and most of the time, by my words, ruin the original character's purpose). Undertale's plot is very hard to be as consistent as possible and trying to fully understand it in order to adapt it in different contextes can take a LOT of time.
This one, however, manages to excel the impossible, for taking so long (7 years) to finish while Undertale was pretty strong, with a collaborative team effort compared to Toby Fox and Temmie Chang (and guests)'s creative powers, but it does not however manage to be as hilarious as the original, due to the fact that Undertale Yellow is a side story rather than a proper journey and features a more serious mood which is noted by the lack of amount of internet and pop culture references. But hey, there are few jokes that work, actually.

But also that means that you won't actually be seeing the same Undertale characters you've been used to. Sans, Papyrus, Napstablook, Undyne, Mettaton, Alphys, all the memorable cast. Instead, you are on an earlier version of the whole underground featuring a different cast of original characters, and apparently they gained a fandom popularity, especially with Ceroba. Sorry, had to mention it earlier. I really like her, too.

The amount of detail in which Undertale's main gameplay is recreated in this fangame is done at a nearly precise manner, albeit few gameplay differences are introduced here such as a different FIGHT which consists of a circular input timing rather than a horizontal bar, which shapes up the 6 barrels of a revolver, much as how the horizontal bar represents the swinging of a knife. The enemy animation, done differently, has a more refreshened kind of animation and is indoubtly quite superior compared to most monster animation and sprites in Undertale (but anyways, the quality doesn't matter at all), albeit the fight against the Feisty Five has the best animations you would ever see in a fangame.

Definitely the best Undertale fangame by a large margin. The music and writing is generally incredibly faithful to the original game. However, not all the characters are created equal (sorry Dalv), and the story takes a weird turn to almost entirely focusing on Ceroba after she is introduced in the pacifist route. The bosses are also somewhat unbalanced, though Yellow is not nearly as bad in this regard as many overly difficult Undertale fan projects. Very much worth playing if you enjoyed Undertale.

If this was the Undertale that got released back in 2015, my life would be ruined (compliment).