released on Oct 24, 1995

By the year 2049, Earth has been turned into a toxic waste dump. Humankind has fled into space leaving behind an army of mechanized “Orbots” to clean up the mess. But when the Orbot leader “WarHead” goes haywire and starts a global revolt against the humans, it falls on the shoulders of the last Orbot loyal to its human masters to save the planet.

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great visuals! great audio! the difficulty is tough, but fair. i recommend this to all who have touched a genesis game at least once in your days--you haven't sega'd until you've played VECTORMAN.

Le daría más estrellas si no me parasen cada 2 segundos para tener que eliminar sí o sí al enemigo que tenga delante.

Visualmente es llamativo y tiene buenos temas, pero los enemigos, jefes y manera de atacar del personaje me saca de mis casillas, mejor me voy a jugar padre de familia el videojuego.

A legit good run'n gun that mixes the core elements of the genre with levels that are wider and more focused on exploration than the usual.

Good use of pre-rendered graphics make for a visually distinct style and the way the orb-based bot can rearrange his pieces to change form and slightly or radically change the gameplay for certain sections or levels is plenty of fun, though the camera may be a little too zoomed in on the characters to see some of the dangers coming. Medium-high difficulty.

A good techno-styled soundtrack tops this old release, which is certainly enough of a good time to give it a shot if you're into the action genre.

I mostly played this game for its visuals because of how Chaotix-ish it looks, but, I was pretty pleasantly surprised with a really fun run and gun!

Level design is much less straight-forward than games like Contra or Metal Slug which, I really like.

Weapons feel really satisfying to use, though their variety is sadly really limited.

Music is, honestly a tad overrated? But it fits the game pretty well nonetheless.

And of course the game is very wonderful visually and detailed beyond belief, not on the same level as chaotix for me but... considering this was made with stock Genesis hardware, I'm incredibly impressed!

The big sorepoint for me was the final boss, that thing is just kind of bullshit to fight if you didn't find all the health upgrades, he removes half a star from my rating by himself.

Did not enjoy my experience, soundtrack is fun, the gameplay made some choices I'm not the biggest fan of, It clearly has some technical prowess that was behind it, but ultimately, i don't feel this is a particularly amazing example of a run and gun shooter, and especially not on the platform it was released on. But I'm also not a ginormous fan of shooters like this regardless.

Preface: this is absolutely a salty review. The soundtrack is killer, the art direction and sprites are awesome - but holy fuck do I hate this game's level and boss design lol.

I do not miss the era when difficulty stemmed solely from either memorizing a mess back to front or powering through. (the timer sure won't let you slow down and play methodically) This, on top of dealing with enemies and boss patterns happening off screen with no indication and the incredible lighting system working against its benefit, (making it tough to discern most of the power-ups and some enemies in darkened areas) most of the back half of this game becomes a chore.