Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!

released on Nov 01, 1994

A port of Bomberman GB

OH, NO! Wario has stumbled upon the secret gateway into Bomberland! Now the greedy warmonger wants to claim the land, its inhabitants, and treasures as his own. Entering the underground labyrinth, he meets the resistance of the Madbombers - explosives experts who have some TNT tricks and surprises to toss at Wario. The battle heats up as Wario and Bomberman each try to outwit the other, level by level in a dynamite duel!

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Very generic Bomberman game that has Wario in it for some reason. Very boring game with not much going on but it is part of the Wario/Bomberman series so thats cool.

Adding Wario to this Bomberman game was the right move marketing-wise, because there's so little else going on with this title.
I'm no RifeXD, so take my Bomberman opinions with a grain of salt. As a pure Bomberman game, it's fine if extremely basic. I like some of the upgrades; making a motorcycle sprite specifically as a run function is fun, and hopping over walls leads to some strategy. But it's otherwise a string of very similar and repetitive fights with little variation, punctuated by utterly miserable boss fights. The Mad-Bomber in particular is such a mean wall, only somewhat justified by its status as the final boss. A good third of my playtime went to trying to beat it.
I guess if this is your only Bomberman, it'll do, but I don't doubt you can do so much better than this.

How did the fuck up the greatest crossover in video game history?
Alright, this game is called Wario Blast even though it's clearly a Bomberman game, why not call it "Bomberman Blast: Featuring Bomberman!" I mean you can play as Wario and Bomberman and nothing changed other than the enemies you kill, Wario gets to kill different Bombermen and Bomberman kills Wario clones, somehow.
This game only has a single player if you play it on a Gameboy, yeah they really did remove the most important feature of a Bomberman game but wait, wait! it's Wario Blast I'm sorry it has the right to be bad. But it does actually have a 4-player classic Bomberman deathmatch game, the only issue is that you can only play it on the SNES with the Super Gameboy because a 4-player Gameboy hub sure doesn't exist, riiiiiight?
The single player is somewhat different from most Bomberman games, you have to win two out of three rounds of classic Bomberman VS Bombermen CPU, so no enemies or exits. It gets really tedious to do the same thing over and over, all the match feels the exact same and it's usually not very hard it's just annoying!
The progression makes you go through 3 stages per world which are just "Stage 1= fight 1 Bomberman, Stage 2= fight 4 Bombermen, Stage 3= fight 3 Bombermen, Stage 4= Kill word boss" for 8 God damn worlds it gets really tiring after the first fucking match.
The only positive thing about this game is the abilities you unlock after clearing a world, I thought it was a nice addition that gives you a sense of progress and it also makes the game less tedious to play but doesn't make it any fun, just less painful.
Do not bother with this game, it just has a funny name cause Wario is in it but other than that it's just a bad Bomberman game.

It's just Bomberman but with Wario. What's not to love?

it's an arcade game, repetitive and pointless. sorry if you grew up with this but there is absolutely no reason to ever come back to this