Wizard of Legend

released on May 15, 2018

"Wizard of Legend is a fast paced 2D dungeon crawler where you assume the role of a powerful wizard on his quest for fame and glory! Combine powerful spells and quick reflexes to overcome all of the challenges and become a Wizard of Legend!"

"Battle your way through each challenge by defeating powerful conjured enemies! Collect valuable spells and relics and build up your magical arsenal to fit your playstyle! Achieve mastery over magic by chaining spells together to create devastating combination attacks! Face each council member in combat and earn your right to become a Wizard of Legend!"

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A neat coop ARPG roguelike. Neat abilities kept it fresh, and didn't overstay it's welcome or was overly hard.

Cool effects but too much cooldowns for me

Jogo bem divertido mesmo, só acho as mecânicas elementais muito simples

Game #75: Wizard of Legend
I'm not a huge fan of roguelikes so if this game lasted even a bit longer I could've just quit. But nevertheless it has really fun and tight combat mechanics that I have to give credit.

It is well-made. It has great graphics and is incredibly smooth but, it is just not for me. The game becomes super repetitive and grindy and stringing combos together isn't interesting enough to keep me wanting more.